Pterodactylsftw (Bridget) : Streamer Wiki

Pterodactylsftw (Bridget) : Streamer Wiki

Introducing Pterodactylsftw (Bridget)

Pterodactylsftw, better known as Bridget, is a popular Twitch streamer renowned for her infectious enthusiasm and unique gaming style. At 25 years old, Bridget is a professional gamer, streamer, and influencer who kick-started her career on Twitch in 2019. She was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 4, 1995.

Specialty and Main Content

Bridget is a streamer specializing in video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. But she's not just about gaming; she also offers tutorials, tips, and tricks, as well as occasional casual streams. Bridget boasts a hefty fan base on Twitch, with around 500,000 followers and over 900,000 views. She also has a substantial social media following, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, with over 200,000 followers.

Biggest Achievement

Bridget's crowning glory came when she bagged the Fortnite World Championship in 2018. This win catapulted her name and reputation in the gaming industry and media. She also became a streaming superstar on Twitch, thanks to her outstanding performances and gaming skills. With her unique gaming style and fun, lively personality, she has touched the hearts of thousands.

Bridget's Life and Career

Bridget kicked off her gaming journey at the tender age of 14 and has harbored a passion for gaming ever since. She grew up in a supportive family that encouraged her to chase her dreams and work hard to reach her goals. After earning her degree in Information Technology, she turned professional and embarked on her Twitch streaming career. She continues to evolve and grow as a streamer, working tirelessly to achieve the success she enjoys today.

Bridget's Estimated Earnings

A significant chunk of Bridget's earnings comes from her presence on Twitch and her vast number of subscribers. Streamers can earn revenue based on the number of views on their streams, donations from viewers, and advertisements. Bridget's estimated annual earnings are around $400,000 to $500,000. She also makes money through partnerships with companies such as Twitch, YouTube, and gaming brands.


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