LegendaryLea (Lea May) : Streamer Wiki

LegendaryLea (Lea May) : Streamer Wiki

Meet LegendaryLea

LegendaryLea, or more commonly known as Lea May, is a highly popular Twitch streamer. Born on June 8, 1989, Lea is a die-hard video game lover who kicked off her streaming career in 2012. She started gaining major popularity from the game Hearthstone around 2015. Today, Lea is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch, boasting over 2.3 million followers.

Expertise and Core Content

Lea May is a video gaming expert, with a keen focus on Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. She's known for her deep passion for gaming and her insightful game analyses. She also streams a diverse range of games such as Hearthstone, CS:GO, Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. On top of that, she loves talking about her travel experiences and sharing them with her fans.

Greatest Achievement

Lea May's crowning achievement has been her victory in Hearthstone. She has won several tournaments and ranked among the top players worldwide. She has also made her mark with her TV show appearances and advertisements for major brands such as Coca-Cola and Intel.

Life and Career of LegendaryLea

Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Los Angeles, Lea May is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. After her studies, she began working for a video gaming company but chose to leave her job to dedicate herself full-time to streaming. She started streaming in 2012 and quickly rose to popularity.

LegendaryLea's Estimated Earnings

As a highly popular streamer, Lea May generates significant income from her Twitch channel. Estimates suggest she earns around $30,000 per month from streaming, and she can easily earn more than that through partnerships and advertising campaigns. She is also one of the few streamers to be sponsored by big-name brands such as Coca-Cola and Intel.

LegendaryLea is one of the biggest names in the Twitch scene. With over 2.3 million followers and estimated earnings of $30,000 per month, she's one of Twitch's top streamers. While most streamers specialize in one game, Lea is known for her versatility and passion for video games. To learn more about Lea May and Twitch streaming, check out Streamvisuart.com, or to buy emote packs for streamers, stream overlay packs and much more.


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