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Laughing Kekw Emote on Twitch

The Story of the Kekw Emote on Twitch

The Kekw Emote first appeared on Twitch back in 2017. The emote is simply the face of Spanish actor and comedian Juan Joya Borja, also known as "El Risitas".

kekw emote twitch

The Kekw Emote is a smiling face with a wide-open mouth. It's often used when something incredibly funny happens on stream or when a player pulls off a great move.


Where can I find the Kekw Emote?

The Kekw Emote is available on various websites and social media apps including Twitch, Reddit, and Discord.

You can also download it from websites like Imgur and Gfycat.


How to use the Kekw Emote?

There are two ways to use the Kekw Emote on Twitch. You can either use it as a reaction by clicking on it while watching a channel, or add it to your favorites list and use it from there.

You can also add the Kekw Emote to your favorites for easy access. To do this, just click on the Kekw Emote icon in the left sidebar of the Twitch site.


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