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Healer: Definition and Origin

Healer: The Silent Savior of Your Team

If you've ever dipped your toes into the world of online gaming, you've likely come across the term "Healer". Understanding this pivotal role can make the difference between victory and defeat. Let's delve into this term.

Unraveling the Term

A "Healer" is a specific role mainly found in role-playing games (RPG) and massively multiplayer online games (MMO). The main aim of a Healer is:

  • Healing teammates: The Healer uses skills or spells to restore the health of team members.
  • Reviving teammates: In some games, the Healer can also resurrect teammates who have fallen in battle.
  • Buffs and debuffs: Some Healers can boost their teammates' stats or weaken enemies.


Tips for Playing as a Healer

If you decide to take on the role of Healer, here are some pointers to excel:

  • Stay safe. As a Healer, you're the enemies' primary target. Hence, stay clear of direct combat.
  • Focus on healing. Your main role is to keep your team alive, not to inflict damage.
  • Learn to prioritize. Sometimes, you won't be able to save everyone. Learn to heal those who will have the most impact on the battle.


Origins of the Healer

The concept of a Healer has its roots in tabletop role-playing games, where one team member dedicated themselves to healing and supporting other players. Since then, the role has evolved and become an integral part of many video games, especially MMOs and RPGs, where a balanced team is key to success.


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