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4Weird Twitch Emote Definitions

4Weird is used when we want to express how surprised we are by some crazy thing happening in a chat or a live stream.


What does the Twitch emote 4Weird mean?

We use 4Weird emotes when a chat reaches a level of crazy, silly, or weird that's off the charts. This emote is used to react to the strangest events on the chat and live stream.

It's not one of the most popular Twitch emotes, but it's perfect when the situation is so unique that we're taken aback by the inherent silliness. It's also used to express that we don't like something. To display and use the 4Weird emojis, you need to have installed the BetterTTV or FrankerFaceZ extension.


Where does the 4Weird emote come from?

The 4Weird emojis are based on the 4Head emojis. It first appeared in the FrankerFaceZ extension pack in 2019 and was added to BetterTTV in January 2020. The emoji features the smiling face of the famous League of Legends streamer, Cadbury. His community has been promoting it for months.

It's a relatively new emote. Over the past few months, there's been a lot of discussion on Reddit about whether it's the best emoji to say that something bothers us or something is too weird. And, only time will tell if it's the best Twitch emote, or not.


How do you pronounce 4Weird?

The pronunciation of 4Weird is pretty straightforward: "for-weird"



The 4Weird emote is used when the situation is weird or strange. It's perfect for situations that make us feel "awkward" and slightly uncomfortable. It's a new emoji that's been around for more than a year now.


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