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What is StreamElements?

StreamElements is an online streaming platform that allows users to manage their streaming channel and interact with their audience. The platform offers a range of advanced features, including moderation tools, custom widgets, and donation options.


StreamElements is an Online Streaming Platform

This online streaming platform offers tools and services for streamers. The platform provides a comprehensive range of features, including overlays, alerts, tips, bot moderators, live Q&A, games, and much more. StreamElements aims to simplify streaming for beginners while offering a multitude of advanced options for experienced users.


They Provide Live and On-Demand Streaming Services for Streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

They provide live streaming services and on-demand for streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. These services include live broadcasting, live chat, on-demand broadcasting, live subtitles, live translations, and analytics tools.


They Have an Online Streaming Platform That Allows Streamers to Manage Their Channel, Chat, and Community

StreamElements is an online streaming platform that allows streamers to manage their channel, chat, and community. They also provide tools to help streamers make money, interact with their viewers, and build their brand.


StreamElements Offers Tools for Streamers

When it comes to streaming, there are two types of platforms: those that host content and those that provide tools for streamers. StreamElements is a platform of the latter kind: it offers streamers tools to enhance their content and audience.

Among these tools, you'll find a chatbot, customizable sound alerts, graphic overlay templates, extensions for integrating other apps and services, and so on. In short, everything a streamer needs to step up their channel game!


StreamElements Provides Features for Streamers

Streamers need tools to manage their live stream, and StreamElements offers several useful features. With the moderation tool, streamers can block spammers and trolls, as well as manage live users. Streamers can also use the donation tool to accept live donations and the superchat tool to sell keywords at different prices. Lastly, the mini-games tool allows streamers to launch live games with their viewers.



StreamElements is an integrated tool for streamers that allows them to manage and enhance their live stream. It offers a variety of features, including live chat templates, sound and visual alerts, overlays, and customizable widgets. StreamElements is one of the most popular tools among streamers due to its simplicity and its many useful features.

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