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50 Banned Words on Twitch

If you're a streamer on Twitch, it's key to familiarize yourself with the platform's rules to avoid violating the terms of use. One of these rules relates to the use of specific words deemed offensive or inappropriate.


What words are prohibited on Twitch?

Twitch bans the use of certain words considered offensive, discriminatory or promoting hate.

insults on twitch

These terms include, but are not limited to, insults, racist, sexist, homophobic comments, and vulgar language.


Why should you avoid these words on Twitch?

Using these words can detract from the viewing experience for other users on the platform:

  1. N-word
  2. F-word
  3. C-word
  4. S-word
  5. T-word
  6. P-word
  7. R-word
  8. B-word
  9. W-word
  10. K-word
  11. H-word
  12. M-word
  13. G-word
  14. J-word
  15. N***a
  16. B***h
  17. C***t
  18. F**kboy
  19. F**kboi
  20. F**kgirl
  21. F**kgurl
  22. F**kman
  23. F**kwoman
  24. F***boy
  25. F***boi
  26. F***girl
  27. F***gurl
  28. F***man
  29. F***woman
  30. A*****e
  31. D***k
  32. D**khead
  33. D**kless
  34. D**ks
  35. D**kweed
  36. D**kface
  37. D**kbag
  38. D**ksucker
  39. S***t
  40. A**hole
  41. A**wipe
  42. A**hat
  43. A**clown
  44. A**face
  45. A**-kisser
  46. A**munch
  47. A**wipe
  48. A**wipe
  49. A**kisser
  50. A**kissing


However, it's crucial to note that this list isn't exhaustive and that Twitch can alter the banned terms at any time. Therefore, it's vital to stay updated with Twitch's policies to avoid any risk of being banned or breaching the rules.


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