Ranking All Super Mario Bros. Power Badges, From Lamest to Coolest

Ranking All Super Mario Bros. Power Badges, From Lamest to Coolest

Content Overview :
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges: modify power-ups.
  • Invisibility Mode: extreme difficulty, intriguing gameplay.
  • Spring Feet Badge: non-stop jumping, high jump heights.
  • Coin Reward Dilemma: purple coins vs gold coins.
  • Safety Bounce Badge: saves from falling into pits.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges

In the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a series of Badges allow you to modify power-ups found in each level. If you're a fan of classic Mario games and enjoy launching fireballs, a particular Badge can ensure you always have a Fire Flower. Alternatively, if you want to make a Goomba's day miserable, you can swap every power-up with the Elephant Fruit. Although these Badges are helpful, they are not as impressive as the others and do not foster the same level of gameplay experimentation.

The Challenge of Invisibility

Playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder in invisibility mode is like playing the game on extreme difficulty. Yes, the enemies can't see you, but you also can't see your character. This can lead to unintended collisions with enemies or missed jumps. If you're patient and willing to practice, it can be an intriguing way to play Mario. But for most players, it's more fun to use a Grappling Vine and pretend to be Spider-Man.

Spring Feet: A Leap of Faith

The Spring Feet Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an interesting concept, but it can feel frustrating as it takes away some control. This Badge makes Mario and his friends jump non-stop, which can be problematic when you need a moment to evaluate a situation. The trade-off is that it provides some of the highest jump heights in the game. But if you're always in the air, when will you have time to appreciate the thrill of the leap?

The Coin Reward Dilemma

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the introduction of a new currency in the form of purple coins has reduced the usefulness of the classic gold coins. The Coin Reward Badge gives you more gold coins for each enemy defeated. But if the in-game economy doesn't make gold coins valuable, this Badge can feel like a wasted slot in your arsenal.

Dance to the Beat with Rhythm Jump

The Rhythm Jump Badge rewards you for jumping in time with the game's music. It's a fun concept that makes the levels feel like musical stages. Yet, with the decreased emphasis on gold coins, it's hard to see the value of this Badge over others, despite its unique charm.

Crouching High Jump: A Nostalgic Throwback

The Crouching High Jump Badge is a nod to Super Mario Bros. 2. It provides great jump heights if you take a moment to crouch and charge the move. But in fast-paced levels with threats coming from all directions, it might not be the ideal choice.

Stay Safe with Safety Bounce

Falling into a pit is a common risk in Mario games, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no different. The Safety Bounce Badge allows you to jump back to safety if you miss a jump or get pushed off a cliff. While it may not be as transformative as other Badges, it's universally useful.

Sensor: A Completionist's Dream

The Sensor Badge is perfect for players who aim for 100% completion. It provides visual and audio cues for nearby important items like Flower Coins. It's a great Badge to use when you're cleaning up after completing the game.

Add ! Blocks for More Platforms

The Add ! Blocks Badge adds more blocks around a level, providing new platforms to run, jump, and land on. It can give you extra ground for a good jump, save you from falling into a pit, or hold power-ups and coins to assist you.

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