Soon, Steam Will Enable Concealment of Your Adult Game History

Soon, Steam Will Enable Concealment of Your Adult Game History

Content Overview :
  • Keeping your gaming preferences private on Steam Deck
  • Most played games on Steam Deck: March 2023
  • New privacy feature on Steam, allowing games to be marked as private
  • User reactions to the new privacy feature
  • Future of gaming privacy with this new feature

Keeping Your Gaming Preferences Private

Ever wished you could keep your gaming preferences hidden, especially those not-safe-for-work games? Now there's a way to do just that, or for any game you'd prefer to keep under wraps.

Most Played Games on Steam Deck: March 2023

Before we delve into the new privacy feature, let's take a look at the games that have been keeping gamers busy. Here's a sneak peak into the top ten most played games on Steam Deck for March 2023.

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New Privacy Feature on Steam

SteamDB creator, Pavel Djundik, was the first to spot this new feature on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. This privacy option goes a step further than Steam's existing privacy settings, allowing you to mark a game as private.

This means that even your closest Steam friends won't know about that game you've tucked away in your expansive library. Here's how the new private feature works.

Reactions To The New Feature

As expected, this new feature has sparked different reactions among users. Some see it as a way to enjoy their games without worry, while others jokingly label users of the new feature as cowards. Here are a few of the funniest responses we've found.

The Future of Gaming Privacy

This new feature is set to revolutionize gaming privacy. Soon, you'll be able to buy games from our catalog like "The Kinky Kitsune" and "The Tantalizing Tanuki" without any public shame, just a personal sense of guilt.

Final Thoughts

With this update, you can now hide every game you own. So, people won't know about those games you buy but never play. Too right.


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