Starfield's Complex Physics Leave Fans Totally Amazed

Starfield's Complex Physics Leave Fans Totally Amazed

Starfield's Attention to Detail Leaves Gamers in Awe

Starfield has been catching the attention of players with its incredible commitment to detail, specifically when it comes to the small items scattered throughout the game's environments and the physics of how these objects interact with each other.

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Starfield's Immersive Gameplay

Players have been known to collect random objects in games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls for years, and Starfield is no exception. The scale at which players can interact with everything from sandwiches to coffee mugs has left gamers in awe. The first instance to truly make an impact was a starship loaded with potatoes.

Potato Physics Take Center Stage

Earlier this week, gamer Moozipan shared a clip from Starfield that quickly became popular on social media. The video showed a hatch opening on the Frontier starship, revealing hundreds of potatoes spilling out into the hallway. The sight of intricately animated potatoes rolling out in unison was a sight to behold.

A New Spin on Stealing

Players have been impressed with the real-time flexibility when dealing with objects in the game. One ingenious player managed to steal a plethora of items by pushing them into containers and carrying them away, without officially adding them to their inventory.

Starfield's Performance on Xbox Series X/S

There has been extensive debate regarding Starfield's 30fps performance on Xbox Series X/S, especially when other next-gen games offer 60fps performance modes. While I'm not a technical expert in game performance, the complex interactions in Starfield could be a contributing factor.

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