Discover Starfield's Mystical Muck that Could Lead to Wealth!

Discover Starfield's Mystical Muck that Could Lead to Wealth!

Starfield's Hidden Treasure: The Magic Mud Puddle

Screenshot: Bethesda / Streamers Visuals

Starfield, Bethesda's newest and most expansive venture, is a game filled with quests, planets, and alien encounters. If you're looking to boost your in-game bank account, there are many ways you could go about it. Perhaps you'd opt for a classic approach, completing quests or selling high-value items. Or maybe you'd use the game's intricate physics to stealthily steal a bucketful of credits. However, there's an even simpler method available: all you need to do is reach into a particular mud puddle and withdraw hundreds of items worth thousands of credits.

How to Access Starfield's Hidden Loot

As discovered by Jamie Moran on Twitter, there's a seemingly ordinary puddle outside Shepard's general store in Akila City, a bustling metropolis on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. If you change your viewpoint to third person and crouch, you'll discover a vast array of items just waiting to be claimed, all without any repercussions. These items include a diversity of guns, medkits, resources, minerals, spacesuits, and more, all of which can be sold to any merchant in Akila City.

Respawning Items in Starfield: Fact or Fiction?

Some players suggest that if you wait 24 in-game hours, all the items in the chest will respawn. However, I waited twice as long and didn't see this happen. It's possible that I encountered a bug, but in my experience, Starfield merchants don't always quickly refresh their items. Regardless, even a single trip to this magic mud puddle will fill your inventory with valuable items and credits.

Deciphering Starfield's Magic Mud Puddle

So, what's really happening here? Players familiar with Bethesda RPGs might already have an idea. Beneath this magic mud puddle is a hidden chest containing all items available for purchase at Shepard's, a local shop that stocks a little bit of everything. Rather than storing these items with the store owner—who could be pickpocketed—the game places the goods in a chest that's typically out of bounds and inaccessible to the player.

Is Starfield's Magic Mud Puddle an Oversight or a Gift?

What likely transpired in Starfield is that someone either positioned the chest too close to the surface without realizing it, or the map changed after the chest had already been located, making it possible for players to access it. Regardless of the reason, this provides players with a handy way to stock up on ammo, weapons, and credits...if they're okay with bending the rules a bit.

Will Bethesda Patch Starfield's Magic Mud Puddle?

For those concerned that Bethesda might patch this out, it's a possibility. But as of the game's latest update, the magic mud puddle remains a treasure trove of free loot. Happy gaming!

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