A Small Side Quest in Spider-Man 2 Offers Major Inspiration

A Small Side Quest in Spider-Man 2 Offers Major Inspiration

Content Overview :
  • Spider-Man 2 game's memorable moment with Howard.
  • Howard's character development in side-quests.
  • Unique task in the Financial District with Howard.
  • Gameplay offers moment of tranquility amidst action.
  • Reflection on real-life experiences similar to game moment.

Spider-Man 2: A Moment with Howard

Howard and Spider-Man spend time together, creating an unexpected yet memorable moment in the much-anticipated game, Spider-Man 2. This moment happens outside of the main storyline, among the many side-quests that the game offers.

In the midst of high-action sequences, star-studded appearances, and major plot developments, you find these hidden gems - minor side-quests that range from simple fetch tasks to multi-mission plotlines. However, one such side-quest stands out, featuring Howard, a character from the first game.

Howard, initially introduced as a comic character in the first game, is an eccentric who spends his time with a pigeon named Pidgy. In Spider-Man 2, the character of Howard is developed further, making for a unique and special gaming experience.

A Task Unlike Any Other

The game prompts you to visit Howard in the Financial District. Upon arrival, you find Howard sitting by the shore, watching the ferry come in. As you sit next to Howard, a moment of tranquility ensues, setting this particular mission apart from the rest of the game.

The task at hand involves helping Howard with his pigeons, but it feels more like an opportunity for the player to sit still and listen. This moment of stillness, amidst the high-octane action, is what makes this game truly special.

A Moment of Reflection

This moment in the game reminds me of an experience from my early 20s, when I worked in retail during the summer. One day, I noticed my assistant manager sitting with an older man outside a Burger King. This man, Tom, was known in town for always having puppet socks on his feet and wiggling them for passing children.

I ended up spending several lunch breaks with Tom, talking about a variety of topics. These encounters with Tom were similar to the moment with Howard in the game - unexpected, memorable, and filled with simple yet profound conversations.

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