Release Date Announced for Awesome Bloodborne Racing Fan Game

Release Date Announced for Awesome Bloodborne Racing Fan Game

Content Overview :
  • FanSoftware announces Bloodborne Kart, a racing game based on the 2015 Bloodborne game.
  • Elden Ring's most coveted sword highlighted.
  • Details of Bloodborne Kart shared on social media platforms.
  • Origins of Bloodborne Kart: from a 2017 joke to a fan game.
  • Concerns of copyright infringement in fan-made games.

Bloodborne Kart: A Fan-Made Racing Game

A mysterious figure on a motorcycle advances towards a nocturnal creature. This captivating image was released by FanSoftware and foreshadows an intriguing new development in the world of gaming.

Image: FanSoftware

In 2023, the creators of the widely-acclaimed fan-made demake of From Software’s 2015 action role-playing game, Bloodborne, made waves with the announcement of their next project: Bloodborne Kart. Developer Lillith Walther assured fans that the racing game would be made available “when it’s ready.” Now, it appears that the game is nearing completion, with a new trailer revealing a release date of January 31, 2024.

The Most Coveted Sword in Elden Ring

One of the most sought-after items in Elden Ring is a sword with a storied history. Fans of the game will be able to learn more about this sword and its significance in the game's lore.

Sharing the Excitement

Excited gamers can share the news about the upcoming release of Bloodborne Kart and the intriguing Elden Ring sword through various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Updates on Bloodborne Kart

Recently, the three-person development team shared further details about Bloodborne Kart through a release date trailer on their official X (formerly Twitter) accounts. The game will feature a single-player campaign, local splitscreen, and a competitive battle mode. Additionally, the game will include 16 tracks set “on the streets of Yharnam and beyond,” 12 playable racers including the stoic hunter Lady Maria, and even boss fights.

The Origins of Bloodborne Kart

According to the team, Bloodborne Kart originated from a joke leak in 2017 that spiralled out of control. This community in-joke led to fanart, mods, and eventually fan games. The game is set to be released as the culmination of a six-year communal art project.

The Fear of Copyright Infringement

However, with the excitement surrounding fan-made games also comes the fear of copyright infringement. This concern has led some to advise those working on fan games to maintain a low profile to avoid potential legal issues. Walther acknowledges this possibility but remains hopeful.

The Anticipation for Bloodborne Kart

As fans eagerly await the release of Bloodborne Kart early next year, it is hoped that Sony and FromSoftware's legal teams will be supportive of the project.

Bloodborne 2015 Available on Amazon

For those interested in the original game, Bloodborne 2015 is available for purchase on Amazon.

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