Spider-Man 2 Prohibits Peter Parker from Giving Wakanda Salute

Spider-Man 2 Prohibits Peter Parker from Giving Wakanda Salute

Content Overview :
  • Edited Spider-Man 2 image features T'challa and Peter Parker.
  • Similarities between Miles Morales and Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2.
  • Only Miles Morales can perform "Wakanda forever" pose in game.
  • Spider-Man 2 pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman with Black Panther references.
  • TikTok user discovers Peter Parker cannot perform Wakanda pose.

An Altered Spider-Man 2 Image: T'challa and Peter Parker

An edited image from Spider-Man 2 presents T'challa standing behind Peter Parker. This image was created by the collaborative efforts of Marvel Studios, Disney, and Insomniac Games.

Miles Morales and Peter Parker: More Alike Than You Think

Miles Morales and Peter Parker share a lot in common. They both swing through the streets of New York City as Spider-Man, throwing out witty one-liners to their enemies before delivering a knockout blow. They even share skill points in the recently released Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games.

Who Can Do the "Wakanda Forever" Pose?

However, only one of them can perform the well-known "Wakanda forever" pose from the Black Panther movies in the latest release from Insomniac Games. And it isn't the one whose name rhymes with Beter Barker.

Spider-Man 2: A Proper Sequel?

Spider-Man 2's new web wings certainly make it feel like a proper sequel. The game is filled with both obscure and popular references from comic books and films. Insomniac’s latest game pays a dual tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, with Miles’ ‘Forever Spidey’ suit resembling Black Panther’s outfit and the presence of a Wakanda Embassy in Midtown.

A Unique Interaction: Miles Morales and the Wakanda Embassy

Players can have Spider-Man perform the iconic pose from the Black Panther movies by pressing the Triangle button at the entrance of the Embassy. However, this can only be done when playing as Miles.

A TikTok Discovery: Peter Parker and the Pose

This character-specific interaction was first discovered by a TikTok user, SpectreXGaming. They posted a video showing Miles swiftly moving into the iconic Wakanda salute, while Peter somewhat clumsily collides into the Embassy’s front door before turning back to face the camera.

Peter Parker: Not Down with Wakanda?

The video led to numerous comments questioning whether Peter is down with Wakanda. Some users were left wondering why Peter was not allowed to perform the pose.

Insomniac Games: No Official Statement

Insomniac Games has not released an official statement as to why Peter cannot perform the Wakanda pose. However, some fans believe that Peter wanted to avoid reminding them of his controversial trip to Africa in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2.

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