Does Persona 5 Tactica Make Me Crave More Phantom Thieves Games?

Does Persona 5 Tactica Make Me Crave More Phantom Thieves Games?

Content Overview :
  • The Phantom Thieves return in Persona 5 Tactica.
  • HD-2D, a unique retro-inspired art style shines in 2022.
  • Tactica adds new strategic elements to Persona 5's combat system.
  • Challenges in storytelling observed in Persona 5 spin-offs.
  • Persona 5 Royal's new chapter and its impact on the series.

The Phantom Thieves Engage in Battle Against a Striking Backdrop

The Phantom Thieves are back in action, set against a bold red and black background. This enticing visual comes from Persona 5 Tactica, the tactical RPG spin-off of the Phantom Thieves’ supernatural escapades through a distorted Tokyo.

Screenshot: Atlus / Streamers Visuals

As I delve into the first five hours of Persona 5 Tactica, I find myself reminiscing about Persona 5 Royal rather than focusing on the new adventure at hand. This isn't so much a critique of Tactica, but rather a reflection on the broader handling of Persona 5 and its numerous spin-offs and extended media since the original game's debut in 2016.

HD-2D, The Unique Retro-Inspired Art Style, Makes Its Mark in 2022

Share this exciting news about the unique retro-inspired art style, HD-2D, taking off in 2022 across various social media platforms for fellow fans and enthusiasts to enjoy.

Tactica: A Worthy Addition to the Persona 5 Universe

Tactica holds its own so far. As we discussed in our previous preview, the tactical combat cleverly builds on Persona’s established turn-based mechanics, transforming them into a position-based, strategic battle system. While it may seem simple initially, the complexity gradually increases a few hours into the game. The soundtrack is a treat, featuring new songs performed by Persona 5’s signature vocalist Lyn and remixes of older tracks. And of course, it's always a joy to see Joker, Ryuji, and the rest of the gang once more.

Delving Deeper into Persona 5 Tactica

What I’ve experienced in the initial five hours mostly aligns with what I observed back in August, with a few more story beats thrown into the mix. The mysteries aren't particularly compelling yet, but I won't spoil them here. Instead, I find myself contemplating the Persona 5 spin-off family, and how Tactica seems to fall into the same pitfalls as its predecessors. However, I remain hopeful that it might find a way to rise above these by the end.

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Ryuji Gears Up for Battle

Ryuji is ready for action, preparing to fire his shotgun at a crouching foe. This is just a glimpse of the intense battles that await in Persona 5 Tactica.

Anticipation Builds for Persona 6

With rumors of Persona 6 circulating, every glimpse of the Phantom Thieves feels bittersweet, as it could potentially be the last. This prompts me to reflect on what I desire from a Persona 5 spin-off, and question why they haven't resonated with me as much as the original.

Story Challenges in Persona 5 Spin-Offs

Tactica seems to disregard the new conclusion introduced in Royal by conveniently situating itself during the original story, rather than building upon it. While it doesn't go to the extent of Strikers in pretending Royal never occurred, it appears determined to avoid acknowledging any elements arising from the "definitive" ending of the beloved RPG.

Persona 5 Royal: A New Chapter

Persona 5 Royal, launched three years after the original, was subsequently ported to various other platforms. Its new finale set the Phantom Thieves on differing paths that provided a compelling conclusion to the original story, introduced characters who enriched the Phantom Thieves’ narrative, and included a redemption arc for a villain that the base game only alluded to.

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