"Kotaku's Strategic Analysis of Persona 5: A Review"

Kotaku's Strategic Analysis of Persona 5: A Review

Content Overview :
  • Persona 5's impact on the turn-based RPG genre and its portrayal of real-world issues.
  • Introduction of Persona 5 Tactica and its exploration of power dynamics and character relationships.
  • The game's turn-based battles and character development.
  • The tactical elements in Persona 5 Tactica's gameplay.
  • Character building limitations and repetitiveness in Persona 5 Tactica.

Persona 5: A Revolutionary Turn-Based RPG Game

Ever since its Western release in 2017, Persona 5 has been lauded for breathing new life into the turn-based RPG genre. Despite some criticisms of its excessively evil villains, many believe that the game accurately portrays the realities of our world - with corporate scandals, power-hungry politicians, and morally bankrupt celebrities.

The game and its spin-offs deliver a hard-hitting commentary on those in power, with the strategy RPG spin-off Persona 5 Tactica being one of the series' most insightful explorations of villainy and a brilliant remix of the series' turn-based mechanics.

Persona 5 Tactica: A New Spin on the Persona 5 Story

Persona 5 Tactica fits neatly into the latter part of Persona 5's narrative. The Phantom Thieves find themselves drawn into dungeons that reflect the perceptions of characters they conflict with. Power dynamics are exaggerated to the point of supernatural abilities, but the relationships and traumas explored still resonate with reality.

While the Phantom Thieves are embroiled in this situation, the game focuses more on new characters, such as the fiery revolutionary Erina and the accidental politician Toshiro. Despite sidelining the main cast, a common formula in Persona spin-offs, the new characters manage to hold their own and bring a fresh perspective to the story.

The Allure of Persona 5 Tactica

The game's turn-based battles may start off slow, but they become more strategically satisfying as the game progresses. The real charm of Persona 5 Tactica lies in its tales of friendship and the evolution (or lack thereof) of its iconic characters.

Introducing Tactics to Persona 5 Tactica

Despite a long and overly tutorialized opening chapter, Persona 5 Tactica soon gains momentum. The game starts off simple, acquainting players with moving across a grid, manipulating enemy formations, and gaining control of the map. However, as the game progresses, players can leverage chained combos, set up powerful finishers and unleash the game's version of an All-Out Attack, leading to a more rewarding gameplay experience.

Character Building in Persona 5 Tactica

While the puzzle-like battles can be rewarding, character builds in Persona 5 Tactica are somewhat limited compared to games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses or Baldur’s Gate 3. Equipment and builds are mostly about acquiring more potent firearms or leveling up your skill tree for a single spell.

Despite some repetitiveness in random encounters once you learn enemy weaknesses, the game manages to maintain its appeal and style.

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