Overwatch 2 Update Introduces Solo Mode for Hero Training

Overwatch 2 Update Introduces Solo Mode for Hero Training

Overwatch 2 Rolls Out New Updates and Modes

A swarm of bots can be seen hovering on a Hero Master level, showcasing the latest developments in Overwatch 2's ongoing sixth season. Blizzard Entertainment has recently introduced its new PVP mode, a new support hero, and the much-anticipated story missions. Today, they unveiled a balance patch and a fresh mode named Hero Mastery. This new addition will allow players to participate in solo skill-based challenges to master different heroes. However, currently, it is only accessible to a limited group of heroes.

Watch Overwatch 2's Newest Story Missions: Are They Worth the Investment?

Explore the value of Overwatch 2's latest story missions in this shareable video. Post it on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, or email it to your friends. Are these new story missions worth the money?

Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2

Unlike the majority of Overwatch 2 modes, Hero Mastery is a single-player mode that features a custom-made obstacle course designed for specific heroes, grading players based on their speed in reaching the finish line. This is designed to help you train in a character's unique skillsets, such as Mercy's flight or Tracer's teleporting Blinks. Blizzard intends to introduce courses for each hero eventually, but currently, the mode is only playable as Tracer, Reinhardt, and Mercy, with Sojourn and Winston being added in the forthcoming weeks.

Beyond Hero Mastery: What's New in Overwatch 2?

Aside from Hero Mastery, Overwatch 2 is also reviving its anniversary event on September 19, just a few weeks before the sequel's one-year anniversary in October. This will reintroduce all the game's seasonal modes, bring back Legendary skins to the in-game shop, and present new challenges to earn credits.

The Latest Balance Patch in Overwatch 2

The recent balance patch includes some minor yet impactful changes that primarily relate to damage, shield, and healing numbers shifting upwards and downwards. Tanks like Zarya and Orisa are receiving some notable tweaks to enhance their defensive abilities.

Join the Celebration: Overwatch 2 First Anniversary 2023

The first anniversary of Overwatch 2 is being celebrated with the return of event game modes, including Battle for Olympus, Catch-A-Mari, Starwatch, and Mischief and Magic. Participate in new challenges that reward Overwatch Credits, which can be used to purchase returning Legendary skins from the in-game shop. Join the festivities starting on September 19!

Introducing the New Game Mode - Hero Mastery

Hero Mastery is a new, single-player game mode that allows players to test their skills with individual heroes on custom courses. Each hero can be played on three unique courses of increasing difficulty. Flex your skills and unlock up to five stars on each course. Hero Mastery is launching with a limited-time event that includes exclusive rewards. Courses for Tracer, Reinhardt, and Mercy are now available, with courses for Sojourn, Winston, and more premiering in the weeks ahead.

Hero Updates in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment has made numerous hero updates in Overwatch 2. Zarya's Projected Barrier has seen an increase in health and size, and a decrease in cooldown. The Junker Queen's Jagged Blade now deals more impact damage, and Orisa has also received notable changes.

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