"Overwatch 2 Characters' Official Ages Seem Unreal"

Overwatch 2 Characters' Official Ages Seem Unreal

Overwatch 2's Storyline: An Exploration of Inconsistencies

Screenshot from Overwatch 2Screenshot: Blizzard Entertainment / Streamers Visuals

Overwatch 2, a game whose narrative has been gradually revealed through numerous independent external media stories, is bound to have some inconsistencies. With the recent introduction of canonical birthdates and ages for the game's 38 heroes, the discrepancies in the game's timeline have become even more noticeable.

These official age and birthdate revelations, sourced from the official Overwatch website, make sense for some characters. Veteran characters such as Soldier: 76, Ana, and Reaper, who are depicted in their late 50s and early 60s, fit the bill, as do the younger characters like Illari and D.Va who are largely detached from the broader Overwatch timeline. However, the established ages for some of the central characters raise questions.

Discrepancies in Character Ages

Take for example, Kiriko, a new support hero introduced in Overwatch 2. According to Blizzard, Kiriko grew up with Genji and Hanzo, training beside them in swordsmanship. However, with the revelation of the official ages, Genji and Hanzo are now 37 and 40 respectively, while Kiriko is just 21. This stark age difference is not depicted in the lore, art, and story we've come to know.

Other inconsistencies have been pointed out by the Overwatch community. For instance, Sojourn, who's listed as 47 years old, has a sister named Valentine who, according to the timeline, would've been just 14 years old when giving birth to Sojourn's niece, Bonnie.

Questionable Age Gaps in Character Relationships

One of the more eyebrow-raising age questions involves Pharah and Mercy. These characters became a canonical pair when Pharah was revealed as a lesbian during the game's first Pride event. Yet, Mercy is aged at 39, and Pharah at 34, which contradicts artwork depicting a much younger Pharah with the original Overwatch crew.

Considering the numerous narrative changes and adjustments throughout the years, it's understandable that the game's storyline isn't entirely flawless. However, it's interesting to compare the numbers and realize that much of Overwatch's story is more about the overall feel than the fine details of the timeline. For anyone interested, you can find the full list of characters' ages on the official Overwatch website.

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