Legal Issues with Kang Actor Almost Shifted Marvel to Dr. Doom

Legal Issues with Kang Actor Almost Shifted Marvel to Dr. Doom

Content Overview :
  • Significant changes in the universe's top level and legal issues
  • Marvel and Disney devising backup strategies
  • Marvel's dilemma surrounding Majors' character, Kang the Conquerer
  • Potential fan service move with return of original Avengers
  • Concerns over declining quality in Marvel's output

A Peculiar Time for the Universe

The universe finds itself in an odd position these days. There have been significant changes at the top level, legal issues involving Jonathan Majors, unionization of animators, and a total revamp in the way Disney+ shows are created by Marvel. Consequently, the interconnected superhero narrative has faced some turbulence this year.

As per a recent report, Marvel and Disney have been devising backup strategies, one of which involves shifting the narrative towards a much-loved villain, Doctor Doom.

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Marvel's Dilemma

According to reports, Marvel was seeking an escape from its current story arc, which centers around Majors’ character, Kang the Conquerer, as the villain in a conflict that spans across multiple universes. Despite his involvement in several MCU projects and upcoming appearances, Marvel contemplated a drastic shift in the storyline, considering Doctor Doom as the new primary antagonist.


However, Marvel reportedly felt the character of Majors was too deeply rooted to be abruptly dropped mid-story. Therefore, instead of recasting the character, the studio seems to be sticking with Majors for now. Despite the lukewarm reception of Quantumania and its financial performance, letting go of Majors doesn't seem to be the studio's move.

Potential Fan Service

While Doctor Doom might have been a consideration at one point, the most surprising fan service move suggested was the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. This would be alongside the rest of the original Avengers crew, such as Chris Evans’ Captain America, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. However, it would be unfortunate if the new heroes were overshadowed by the old guard.

Quality Concerns

The declining quality in Marvel’s output is a subject of concern. This ranges from impossible deadlines for VFX work, to attempts to rectify the situation by discontinuing troubled projects. One such example is the Blade reboot led by Mahershala Ali, which has seen multiple changes in writers, directors, and even a halt in production.

One iteration of the movie was described as a narrative led by women and packed with life lessons, with Blade himself being a secondary character. However, after Ali expressed dissatisfaction with the script, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige brought on writer Michael Green and postponed the movie to 2025.

While the Marvel movies and TV shows are trying to grow and evolve, it's clear that they are facing some challenges along the way.

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