Kotaku's Weekend Roundup: 5 Soul-Lifting Games to Play

Kotaku's Weekend Roundup: 5 Soul-Lifting Games to Play

30XX: A Retro Game with a Twist

Finally making its appearance last month, 30XX may have slipped under your radar due to a slew of other high-profile releases. The game brings a notable enhancement to the table - the Mega Mode, which allows you to bypass the monotonous roguelike repetition, enabling a seamless play from start to end without permadeath. Even though dying means repeating levels, it doesn't mean losing the progress you've accomplished, a relief considering the game's high difficulty level. While there's room for improvement in the procedurally generated levels, the platforming action keeps the excitement levels high. Plus, there's the option of online and couch co-op to add to the fun. — Streamers Visuals

STARFIELD: An Experience Like No Other

With its official launch on PC and Xbox, STARFIELD seems to be the game everyone's talking about. The open-space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios is undeniably a massive success, albeit with a few shortcomings. The game enables you to live as a cyber ronin, moving from one faction to another, trying to accumulate as much wealth as possible. The game features several factions to join and offers intriguing narratives on alliances, existentialism, and treasure. The rewards are captivating, even if some mission structures might seem mundane. — Streamers Visuals

OVERWATCH 2: A New Hero in Town

While exploring the thrilling world of Overwatch 2, I decided to experiment with one of the latest tank heroes, Ramattra. The following games were a whirlwind of fun, intense battles, and it became clear how versatile Ramattra can be. Despite a few initial hiccups, the ability to switch between long-range offense to close-range attacks makes the game even more exciting. I must say, the thrill of playing Ramattra increased when my teammates grouped up with me on the objective. — Streamers Visuals

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