14 Cool Elements Spotted in the Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

14 Cool Elements Spotted in the Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

A Look into the Latest Rebirth Trailer: Midgar's State of Affairs

The previous reveal of Rebirth gave us a glimpse of a battered Midgar, with our beloved Avalanche crew being whisked away on stretchers. Those familiar with the classic Final Fantasy VII would recall that the Midgar chapter didn't leave our heroes in such a plight. In an intriguing twist, this fresh trailer features Zack Fair in a place he ought not to be. We witness him carrying Cloud into Midgar, later passing him off to Remake's Kyrie Canaan.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Rebirth

The plot thickens as the Remake's finale showed a handful of characters faring better than they did in the original game. There's speculation aplenty about what's really happening. The trailer concludes with Sephiroth proclaiming, "It's upon us. The Reunion. When worlds merge."

Get Ready to March with Shinra Troops

The initial Final Fantasy VII was replete with mini-games and unique sequences interspersed among turn-based combat and intense storytelling. The new trailer highlights a significant sequence - the marching section in Junon, led by none other than Rufus, President Shinra's son.

Rediscovering Cosmo Canyon

Cosmo Canyon, the homeland of a certain Cloud's crew member, is known for one of the best themes in Final Fantasy VII. It's a place where our heroes engage in profound self-reflection and reaffirm their commitment to their ideals and one another.

The Nibel Reactor Situation

The Shinra Electric Power Company has its reach spread across the planet, siphoning Mako energy wherever possible. Nibelheim, home to one of our protagonists, is one such place. The trailer gives us a brief look at a monumental moment for the game's antagonist.

The Return of Cait Sith!

The adorable cat with a Scottish accent, Cait Sith, who rides a giant stuffed moogle and uses a megaphone against his enemies, is set to return in Rebirth. We even see him joining the party for some combat.

The Iconic Buggy

Upon concluding the Midgar chapter in the original game, Cloud and his group venture into an overworld area that spans the entire planet. As the game progresses, the party acquires several vehicles, one of which is the iconic buggy.

Chocobos with Special Abilities

Chocobo breeding was a crucial feature of the original game, essential for accessing certain unreachable areas. The color of a bird determines its unique abilities.

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