Don't Miss Out on Starfield's Star Trek-Like Adventure

Don't Miss Out on Starfield's Star Trek-Like Adventure

Exploring the Wonders of Starfield: A Deep Dive Into a Fascinating Side Quest

Screenshot: BethesdaPrepare to be captivated as you dive into the expansive universe of Starfield. The game is a treasure trove of breathtaking sights, hidden secrets, intriguing factions, collectable junk, and above all: quests. One standout side quest we've stumbled upon centers around a hapless crew stranded in the orbit of a distant planet. Luckily (or unluckily), you're at the scene, ready to put your negotiation or sabotage skills to the test.

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Unlocking the "First Contact" Quest in Starfield

Unearth the "First Contact" quest by navigating to the Porrima II in the Porrima star system. There, you'll encounter the inhabitants of the ECS Constant, seemingly lost in both time and space. Star Trek enthusiasts may find parallels between this quest and "The Neutral Zone" episode from the first season of The Next Generation. Here's your guide to locating "First Contact" and some pointers to maximize your enjoyment of this eerie side quest.

Getting Started with 'First Contact'

Upon reaching Porrima II, you can commence the "First Contact" quest. But before getting involved with the crew's predicament, we recommend completing the second part of the "Unearthed" quest for a quick history lesson.

Why "Unearthed" Matters

While "Unearthed" isn't a mandatory prerequisite for "First Contact", completing it will enrich your understanding of Starfield's human history and provide a more satisfying narrative context for the subsequent quest. We won't give away any spoilers, but rest assured, it's worth your time.

Meeting Jiro Sugiyama in Porrima II

Once you enter the orbit of Porrima II, you'll receive a message from a local NPC named Jiro Sugiyama, who requests your assistance. Head over for a chat.

The Mystery of the ECS Constant

Sugiyama will explain the difficulty in communicating with the orbiting ship and ask you to unravel the mystery.

Boarding the ECS Constant

Back in orbit, you will be able to dock with the ship after unsuccessful communication attempts. Remember, you can dock once you're under 500 meters from the ship, so no need to risk a too-close-for-comfort approach.

Aboard the ECS Constant: An Unexpected Discovery

Once aboard the Constant, you'll discover it's a colony ship dispatched from Earth before the advent of faster-than-light travel. The vessel’s voyage spanned two centuries, with multiple generations living and dying onboard—all with the intention of settling on Porrima II. However, this dream faces an obstacle as the corporate executives who've established the Paradiso resort planetside have beaten them to it.

'First Contact': Meeting Paradiso's Board Members

Before heading back to the planet for a board meeting, take a moment to interact with the inhabitants of the ECS Constant, including a full classroom of children. Remember, this ship is home to families.

Confronting Paradiso's Board

After familiarizing yourself with the ship's crew, head to Paradiso and make your way to the executive floor of the resort. The receptionist might try to bar your entrance, but don't let that stop you.

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