Battle Royale Revives Classic Nintendo Racing Game F-Zero

Battle Royale Revives Classic Nintendo Racing Game F-Zero

Revival of the Iconic F-Zero Game on Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Presentation ScreenshotIn the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the tech giant revealed the triumphant return of the timeless high-velocity future-themed racing game, F-Zero, reimagined as a battle royale speedster.

Introducing F-Zero 99: Battle Royale Racing at its Finest

Now known as F-Zero 99, the game pits you against 98 other racers, all vying for the top spot on the podium. With classic tracks and vehicles from the original SNES game, F-Zero 99 brings a touch of nostalgia to the Nintendo Switch platform. Be on your guard as you race - if your vehicle suffers too much damage or runs out of power due to collisions with other cars or barriers, it will spectacularly explode on the track.

Powering Up and Racing on the Skyway

The same power meter that measures your vehicle's health can also be used for a temporary speed boost to zoom past your rivals. Collect enough super sparks, yellow orbs that appear when vehicles crash into one another, and you'll be transported onto a heavenly track known as the skyway. This blue track, suspended just above the main track, offers you the perfect opportunity to leap forward in the race.

Unlock In-game Rewards and Customize your Vehicles

In addition to the main game, F-Zero 99 also offers in-game goals that you can complete to unlock a range of cosmetic enhancements for your vehicles, although most of them appear to be different skins at present.

A New Addition to Nintendo Switch Online's Battle Royale Lineup

F-Zero 99 joins the ranks of other Nintendo Switch Online battle royale games such as Pac-Man 99 and Tetris 99, both of which pit you against 98 other players in a fight to be the last one standing. It’s exciting to speculate on which other classic titles the company might be planning to transform into mass multiplayer games.

F-Zero 99: Exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online Members

F-Zero 99 will be available exclusively to active Nintendo Switch Online members from today onwards. With NSO, Nintendo’s competitively priced subscription service, you gain access to online gaming and classic games, including Pac-Man 99 and Tetris 99.

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Share Your Thoughts

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. We are excited to hear what you think about the revival of F-Zero as a battle royale game.

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