The Top 2023 Soulslike Game Just Became More Accessible

The Top 2023 Soulslike Game Just Became More Accessible

Content Overview :
  • New update for gothic RPG Lies of P announced.
  • Redfall gameplay trailer released on June 16, 2022.
  • Top 10 most-played games on Steam Deck listed as of September 6, 2023.
  • Lies of P available for purchase on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop.
  • Lies of P update includes combat improvements and new features.

Exciting New Update for Lies of P

As was announced by actor Ji Won Choi in early November, there is a new update for the gothic, Belle Époque-era Soulslike RPG, Lies of P. This game is a dark retelling of the Pinocchio story and is developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio. The update brings some significant changes to the game, increasing your chances of survival.

Gothic Metroidvania Game Progression

This brutal Gothic Metroidvania is shaping up to be something special. Stay updated by sharing videos and links through your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit, and Link.

Hot New Redfall Gameplay Trailer

On June 16, 2022, a new gameplay trailer for Redfall was released. However, it left many feeling cold. Find out why by checking out the trailer.

Top 10 Most-Played Games On Steam Deck: August 2023 Edition

As of September 6, 2023, a list of the top 10 most-played games on Steam Deck has been released. Check out the list to see if your favorite game made it.

Get Lies of P on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop

You can purchase Lies of P on Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. Check out the links to find the best deal for you.

New Features and Content

The team behind Lies of P has shared on the game’s official website a thank-you note for the fans for their ongoing support. The developers have also shared what’s inside Lies of P’s version update. There are some new features and content, including free cosmetics and a new costume category for further appearance customization.

Improved Combat and Early Game

The main focus of the update is what it does to combat and the early game. It brings a lot of good stuff for those who are tired of getting beaten by everything. Some enemies have adjusted attack speed and spawn locations, making them more predictable. Their stance break window also lasts longer so you can get that crucial damage in.

Combat Balance Adjustments

The update also includes some other combat balance adjustments. This includes making some weapons hit harder, decreasing the delay between a charged and normal attack, and increasing the attack speed of heavier weapons. These changes make Lies of P much easier, which is a welcome adjustment considering how difficult this game already is.

Changes to the Rising Dodge Ability

One thing worth noting is the change to the Rising Dodge ability. This vital maneuver was previously buried deep within the game’s skill tree. However, thanks to version, this ability is now available from the start, making the early game much less frustrating.

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