Publisher of Assassin's Creed Further Trims Staff Size

Publisher of Assassin's Creed Further Trims Staff Size

Content Overview :
  • Ubisoft Montreal confirms layoffs of 98 employees.
  • Alan Wake 2 development video released.
  • Ubisoft plans collective dismissal across Canadian offices.
  • Ubisoft Montreal, one of the largest game studios, faces unprecedented layoffs.
  • Ubisoft aims to cut costs by $215 million due to failed projects.

Ubisoft Montreal Faces Staff Reductions

Ubisoft Logo Amid a year that has seen numerous layoffs in the gaming industry, Ubisoft Montreal, the creator of Assassin’s Creed, is the latest victim of ongoing cuts. The company confirmed today that it will be letting go of 98 employees across its Canadian offices. This comes as part of a “reorganization” of its general and administrative teams, Ubisoft IT, and Ubisoft’s SFX studio Hybride, which was involved in the development of the Disney Plus Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

Informative Video on Alan Wake 2

Check out this video on how Alan Wake 2 builds upon the 'Remedy-Verse'. The video is available on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Reddit. You can also view it directly on our site.

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Ubisoft's Collective Dismissal

Ubisoft is proceeding with a collective dismissal in its Montreal establishment within the framework of a reorganization of its production support services across Canada. By consolidating these functions Canada wide, Ubisoft aims to optimize its resources for long-term sustainability. The company has revealed that additional positions will be eliminated throughout the rest of its Canadian offices. In total, 124 positions will be eliminated across the company.

Ubisoft's Statement

Ubisoft has expressed regret over this decision, promising comprehensive support for its colleagues who will be leaving during this transition. The company has also expressed gratitude and respect for the contributions of those affected. This restructuring will not affect the company's production teams.

Ubisoft Montreal's Status

Ubisoft Montreal is the publisher’s largest in-house development team and one of the largest game studios in the world, boasting approximately 4,000 employees as of 2021. The studio is responsible for some of the company’s biggest franchises and hits like Far Cry and Rainbow Six Siege. It remains the crown jewel in the French publisher’s network of studios scattered across the world. Large scale layoffs at this studio are practically unheard of.

Ubisoft's Future

Ubisoft is reportedly trying to cut costs by $215 million over two years to make up for failed projects and big budget games like Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull and Bones that have been stuck in development for years. An employee at the company expressed surprise at today's layoffs and voiced concerns about job security in the future.

Ubisoft's Official Statement on the Cuts

Ubisoft’s official statement on the cuts has been incorporated above. The company has been exploring ways to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across all teams. The company hopes that the reorganization of its Canadian studios’ general and administrative functions and the reduction of headcount in Hybride (their VFX studio based in Montreal) will better position them for long-term success.

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