"Spider-Man 2's Failed 'Akira' Reference has Anime Fans Amused"

Spider-Man 2's Failed 'Akira' Reference has Anime Fans Amused

Content Overview :
  • Spider-Man 2 trailer by Insomniac Games and Sony features Akira reference.
  • Mary Jane Watson tries iconic "Akira Slide," amusingly fails.
  • Anime fans on social media humorously react to failed attempt.
  • Insomniac Games faces mixed reactions for the tribute.
  • Anticipation grows for Spider-Man 2 due to unexpected Akira nod.

Spider-Man 2 Launch Trailer Unveils Surprising Anime Reference

A recent screenshot reveals Mary Jane Watson's character in the much-anticipated Spider-Man 2. The image was released by Insomniac Games and Sony ahead of the game's October 20 release date.

The new Spider-Man 2 launch trailer not only showcases villains like Sandman, Mr. Negative, and Venom but also includes an unexpected nod to the classic 1988 anime film, Akira. However, the tribute has provoked more laughter than admiration among fans.

Anime Fans React to Spider-Man 2's Akira Tribute

One clip from the trailer has caught anime fans' attention, where it appears to imitate an iconic move from Akira. The move, known as the "Akira Slide," is a memorable scene where the protagonist skids his 200-hp motorcycle on the highway.

Despite the popularity of this move in various media, Spider-Man 2's rendition has been met with amusement rather than applause. In the trailer, Mary Jane Watson attempts the Akira slide but ends up falling off her motorcycle before it comes to a stop.

Fan Reactions to MJ's Attempted Akira Slide

Although the context of MJ's botched Akira slide is unclear, anime fans have not held back their reactions. On social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, MJ has been humorously crowned as the first fictional character to fail the Akira slide.

Comments range from amusement to disbelief, with many finding humor in MJ's failed attempt. Some fans were more forgiving, suggesting that MJ might have been under pressure from Spider-Man's adversaries during her attempt.

Insomniac Games Receives Mixed Reactions

While some fans criticized Insomniac Games for MJ's failed Akira slide, others defended the Marvel heroine. Regardless, the unexpected tribute to Akira in Spider-Man 2's launch trailer has certainly stirred up conversation among fans.

As we await the game's release, it remains to be seen how this anime reference will play out in the full game. One thing is for sure: Spider-Man 2 has successfully piqued fans' curiosity with its unexpected nod to Akira.

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