Nihachu (Niki) : Streamer Wiki

Nihachu (Niki) : Streamer Wiki

Introducing Nihachu

Born Niki on June 15, 2002, in Leicester, Nihachu is a well-known English Twitch streamer. She gained significant fame through her streams with her girlfriend Valkyrae, another highly popular Twitch streamer. She boasts over 2.5 million followers on Twitch and is deemed one of the most popular and influential streamers in the industry. She is renowned for her humor and playful, fun personality, which has helped her stand out from other streamers and make a name for herself in the streaming world.

Specialty and Main Content

Nihachu is primarily known for her gaming streams, where she mainly plays online games such as Minecraft, Valorant, and Fall Guys. She's also known for her broadcasts on Twitch, where she streams games, chats, and entertainment videos, as well as podcasts and interviews. She's often accompanied by her girlfriend Valkyrae, with whom she enjoys taking part in fun challenges and discussing the games they play. She also established her own product line for streamers titled "Nihachu". She designed emote packs, streaming packs, and banners for Twitch streamers.

Greatest Success

Without a doubt, Nihachu's most significant success is her collaboration with her girlfriend Valkyrae. They have been streaming together for several years and have become very popular among fans. They also play online games together, which has stirred fan interest and helped them gain a broad audience. In addition, Nihachu has been deeply involved in developing her product line for streamers "Nihachu", which has been a great success and helped her carve a name in the streaming world.

Nihachu's Life & Career

Nihachu started streaming on Twitch in 2017, and quickly gained substantial popularity. She became very popular with her fun and entertaining streams that draw in thousands of viewers with each broadcast. She's also quite active on social media, where she regularly posts updates about her career and personal life. In addition, she's deeply involved in the Twitch community, where she strives to support other streamers. She's also heavily involved in the campaign against online harassment and is committed to helping combat this issue.

Estimated Earnings of Nihachu

Due to her popularity and fame, Nihachu makes a considerable amount from her streams and other activities. Estimates suggest she earns approximately $1,000 per day from her streams and activities on social media. Additionally, she earns extra income from her product line for streamers "Nihachu". She's also active in advertising and marketing campaigns, which allows her to earn even more money. Lastly, she makes additional income through sponsorships and partnerships.


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