KayPea (Kelsie Pelling) : Streamer Wiki

KayPea (Kelsie Pelling) : Streamer Wiki

Streamer Introduction: KayPea (Kelsie Pelling)

Meet KayPea, aka Kelsie Pelling, a 25-year-old Canadian streamer who kickstarted her streaming career on Twitch in 2017. Hailing from the Canadian province of Alberta, she's made a name for herself through her love for gaming and her extraordinary gaming skills.

Speciality and Main Content

As a gaming enthusiast, KayPea has carved a niche for herself in the video gaming sector, with a soft spot for strategy and simulation genres. She's best known for her live streams of League of Legends, but she's also into other games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Besides her gaming streams, she also does vlog and music streams.

Greatest Achievement

KayPea has achieved great success on Twitch, boasting about 100,000 subscribers. Perhaps her crowning glory is her victory in the 2018 Twitch Rivals Series' League of Legends tournament final. She also ranked among the top 10 video game streamers in this tournament.

Streamer's Life and Career

KayPea launched her streaming career in 2017, and her unique gaming style and fun personality quickly won her a substantial following. She's been active on Twitch for over 4 years, amassing a community of over 100,000 subscribers. She's also worked on videos and podcasts in collaboration with other well-known streamers and YouTubers.

Streamer's Estimated Earnings

According to estimates, KayPea rakes in about $10,000 each month from her Twitch streams. This figure includes donations, subscriptions, sponsorships, and advertisements. Additionally, she also earns extra income from her videos and podcasts on other platforms.


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