ItsHafu (Rumay Wang) : Streamer Wiki

ItsHafu (Rumay Wang) : Streamer Wiki

Getting to Know ItsHafu

ItsHafu, real name Rumay Wang, is a top-tier Twitch streamer renowned for her strategy gaming skills and knee-slapping commentary. Born on July 3, 1990, in Shanghai, China, Rumay Wang is currently 30 years old. Over time, ItsHafu has become a Twitch sensation, rising to the ranks of the most-followed strategy game streamer, with a whopping 600,000 subscribers.

Specialty and Main Content

Primarily, ItsHafu is celebrated for her prowess in strategy games. She is often seen playing games like Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Her streams are a barrel of laughs, as she often engages with her viewers and shares useful tips. She also broadcasts competition videos and game tutorials on Twitch.

Greatest Achievement

Without a doubt, ItsHafu's crowning achievement was her victory in the 2017 Hearthstone tournament. She conquered a formidable opponent and was awarded a cool $5000 prize. Since then, she has bagged several other Hearthstone tournaments and made a name for herself in the strategy gaming realm.

The Streamer's Life and Career

ItsHafu started her streaming journey in 2015, at the age of 25. She quickly found success, thanks to her exceptional gaming skills and endearing personality. Since then, she has been playing games like Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm, and has won several tournaments. She has also become a well-known influencer and personality.

Streamer's Estimated Earnings

ItsHafu's estimated earnings hover around $70,000 annually. Her main sources of income comprise Twitch subscribers, ad campaigns, and tournament winnings. She has also been invited to events and conventions, which have generated additional income.

In summary, ItsHafu is among the top-tier strategy game streamers on Twitch. She is well-known for her exceptional skills and charisma, which have helped her win multiple tournaments and earn an estimated $70,000 annually. If you're looking for a streamer who's entertaining and full of wit, ItsHafu is your go-to. So, head over to Twitch and check her out!


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