Fandy (Amanda) : Streamer Wiki

Fandy (Amanda) : Streamer Wiki

Introducing Streamer Fandy

Fandy, or Amanda as she's known in the real world, is a widely recognized Twitch streamer hailing from the United States. At 29 years old and born on June 3, 1991, she's made a name for herself with her outstanding performances, entertaining streams, and killer gameplay skills. Fandy's community is highly engaged, boasting over 150,000 subscribers, making her one of Twitch's top streamers.

Fandy's Specialty and Main Content

Fandy's bread and butter is video game streaming. She's often seen playing online multiplayer games like League of Legends and Dota 2, showcasing her knack for game strategies. She's perhaps best known for her Battle Royale mode games, like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Plus, her witty commentary and live chats with subscribers make her streams all the more enjoyable.

Fandy's Biggest Success

Fandy's crowning achievement was her solo victory in Apex Legends back in February 2019. This victory stirred up quite a bit of buzz, boosting her popularity and that of Twitch. Since then, she's been invited to numerous Twitch events and has been recognized as one of the most talented streamers on the platform.

Fandy's Life and Career

Fandy kicked off her streaming career 5 years ago when she was just 24. Since her Apex Legends win, she's been a regular at Twitch events and video game conventions. She's also grown into one of Twitch's top streamers, signing sponsorship deals with various brands. Fandy even launched her own online store where fans can buy merchandise featuring her logo.

Fandy's Estimated Earnings

Fandy's earnings primarily come from donations and Twitch subscriptions from her followers. She also brings in cash from sponsorship deals and merchandise sales. Current estimates place Fandy's annual income at around $50,000, making her one of the most profitable streamers on Twitch.


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