All 36 Games Announced for Xbox Game Pass Prior to Release

All 36 Games Announced for Xbox Game Pass Prior to Release

Exciting New Game Titles Unveiled for Xbox Game Pass Core

As the time has arrived to bid farewell to Xbox Live Gold, its successor, Game Pass Core, has stolen the spotlight. A day before its official launch, the game titles for this new service were unveiled, and frankly, they are nothing short of fantastic.

Impending Changes to Microsoft's Gaming Services

The era of Xbox Live Gold, that has spanned a remarkable 18 years, is drawing to a close on September 14. The once-popular service will be officially retired and replaced by the fresh and sprightly, Game Pass Core. This change marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one that aligns more with the evolving gaming landscape.

The New Kid on the Block: Game Pass Core

The Game Pass Core is a budget version of Game Pass, akin to Sony's PlayStation Plus Essential service. While it won't offer access to the full library of Game Pass, it will feature a carefully chosen selection of 36 games, along with continued access to online gaming. The exciting part is that these 36 games are of exceptional quality.

Game Titles to Look Forward to

The full roster of games was kept under wraps until the last moment. The collection includes standout titles like Stardew Valley, Vampire Survivors, Among Us, Firewatch, and Dead Cells, and AAA games like Dishonored 2, Doom Eternal, and Forza Horizon 4. It's a diverse selection that is sure to pique the interest of many gamers.

Price Points and Availability

Game Pass Core will be available at the same price as Gold, $10 a month, with current customers automatically transitioning to the new service. An annual subscription is available for $60, effectively cutting the monthly cost in half. But, it's important to note that new games will only be added to the Core service two or three times a year, unlike Gold's monthly game additions. Despite this, the quality and variety of the games make it a value-for-money proposition.

Game Pass Core: A Gateway to Gaming

While seasoned gamers may already own most of the titles, the Core service is aimed at a broader audience. It is an ideal gift for someone who is just getting their first console, as it provides a glimpse into the vast array of gaming options. For many, just a couple of games from this list would be enough to keep them entertained for a significant amount of time.

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