Upcoming Games This Week: More Than Just Modern Warfare 3

Upcoming Games This Week: More Than Just Modern Warfare 3

Content Overview :
  • Latest Call of Duty news and buzz
  • Video: Stylish noir-punk side-scroller game
  • Video: Top 10 games on Steam Deck, August 2023
  • Video: Overwatch 2's new story missions review
  • Video: Blasphemous 2 developers interview

Call of Duty News

Published on Monday at 11:30AM, this blog post discusses the latest happenings in the world of Call of Duty. With two comments and shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, the post has generated a lot of buzz.

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Video Program Guide

Check out the most popular and latest videos, commentary, and anime. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Stylish Noir-Punk Side-Scroller

    Like Celeste with guns, this stylish noir-punk side-scroller is currently trending. With a runtime of 03:04, it's a quick watch that's sure to entertain.

  • Top 10 Most-Played Games on Steam Deck: August 2023 Edition

    Find out what games are popular on Steam Deck this month. This video runs for 04:39 and reveals the top 10 most-played games.

  • Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

    In this 02:02 video, we discuss whether Overwatch 2's new story missions are worth the investment.

  • Exclusive: Blasphemous 2 Devs On The Sequel Being A 'More Pure Metroidvania'

    For a runtime of 04:57, hear directly from the developers of Blasphemous 2 about the sequel's 'more pure Metroidvania' experience.

  • The Week In Games: What’s Releasing Beyond Pikmin 4

    Find out what's releasing beyond Pikmin 4 in this 01:32 video. This is your weekly update on the latest game releases.

These are just a few of the highlights from the video program guide. For more, visit the website.

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