Valve's Strategy to Prevent Steam Deck Stockpiling by Bots & Resellers

Valve's Strategy to Prevent Steam Deck Stockpiling by Bots & Resellers

Content Overview :
  • Introduction to LED Limited Edition model for portable PC gaming.
  • Most popular games on Steam Deck: March, April, and October 2023 editions.
  • Upgrades introduced a year after Steam Deck's launch.
  • Valve's measures against bots and resellers for Limited Edition model.
  • Valve's future plans and reaction to criticism regarding resellers.

LED Limited Edition Model: A New Upgrade for Portable PC Gaming

The LED Limited Edition model brings a fresh upgrade to portable PC gaming. This version not only includes all the enhancements of the base OLED model but also flaunts additional aesthetic features.

To ensure true gaming enthusiasts have a fair chance at owning this device, Valve has taken measures to slow down or halt bots and resellers from buying them instantly.

The Most Popular Games on Steam Deck: March 2023 Edition

Take a look at the top ten most played games on the Steam Deck for March 2023. This list reflects the preferences and choices of the gaming community during this period.

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The Most Played Games on Steam Deck: April and October 2023 Editions

Check out the most played games on the Steam Deck for April and October 2023. These lists give a comprehensive view of the gaming trends during these months.

A Year After Its Launch: Steam Deck Gets an Upgrade

A year after its initial launch, Valve's popular handheld PC, the Steam Deck, is set to receive an upgrade. Although it's not a full-on Steam Deck 2, this new OLED model boasts significant improvements, including an extended battery life and a stunning new OLED screen.

Many are eagerly anticipating this new version of Valve's popular handheld. Some are even willing to pay extra for the Limited Edition model, which features all the standard upgrades and additional aesthetic details like a translucent body, orange vents, and thumbsticks.

However, there is a valid concern that resellers and bots might snatch up these devices before most people get a chance to purchase them. To counter this, Valve has implemented a strategy that might help slow down these potential threats.

Valve's Plan to Minimize Bots and Resellers

Valve announced that the Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED would be available for purchase in the US and Canada. The company also confirmed the implementation of certain rules and criteria to minimize the chances of bots and resellers buying up all the Limited Edition devices.

To purchase the new Limited Edition variant of the Steam Deck, you need to be located in the United States or Canada and have a Steam account in good standing. You must also have made a purchase on Steam before November 1, 2023. Lastly, each account can buy only one unit.

Valve's Future Plans

Valve views the Limited Edition model as an experiment to learn and gauge customer demand. If there's high demand, it might encourage the company to produce more color variants in the future.

Valve also confirmed that once the Limited Edition Steam Decks are sold out, there will be no more production. Despite some criticism about not doing enough to prevent bots and resellers, many appreciate Valve's efforts to slow them down.

There are still concerns about bot accounts and resellers who might be able to buy Limited Edition Steam Decks. Suggestions have been made for Valve to consider playtime requirements and account age in the future to further slow down bots.

Despite some shortcomings, Valve's new rules are a step in the right direction compared to previous hardware releases where retailers had minimal control over bot purchases.

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