For FPS Games, I Rely on Xbox Series S & PS5 for the Rest

For FPS Games, I Rely on Xbox Series S & PS5 for the Rest

Content Overview :
  • Woman's struggle navigating the console wars
  • Challenges of growing video game backlog
  • Experience of balancing Xbox and PlayStation usage
  • Preference for competitive gaming on Xbox
  • Return of Modern Warfare III and Halo 3's popularity on Xbox

A Woman's Struggle in the Console Wars

A lady adorned in a vibrant mix of green and blue clutches an Xbox Series S in one hand and a PS5 in her other. Her expression is one of deep contemplation. Woman holding Xbox Series S and PS5Image credit: Microsoft / Sony / Roman Samborskyi (Shutterstock)

The Console Wars: A Tough Battlefield

The console wars can be a tough place to navigate. It's challenging to find a balanced perspective, whether you've pledged allegiance to a side or you're still making up your mind. Deciding between an Xbox Series X or a PS5 as a Christmas gift can be particularly taxing. The internet is filled with biased takes, fanboys using Starfield mods to show off, and CEOs debating over console exclusives and their worth.

Video Game Backlog: A Common Struggle

With the growing number of games available on platforms like PS Plus, game enthusiasts often find their backlog growing larger. This common struggle is shared by many in the gaming community.

Navigating the World of Gaming

Not all gamers are concerned about console specs or graphics. Some, like our lady in the green and blue dress, grew up playing PlayStation until they discovered games like Halo 2 and Halo 3 on Xbox. Balancing the use of both consoles can be a challenge, especially when each serves a specific gaming purpose. Competitive shooters are best enjoyed on the Xbox Series S, while the PS5 is used for a broader range of games.

The Xbox Competitive Gaming Experience

Games such as Overwatch 2, Warzone, Apex Legends, and Halo Infinite make up a core rotation of shooters enjoyed on the Xbox Series S. Despite the PS5's extra storage space, these games are rarely played on it. The reasons for this preference are worth exploring.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III's Return

The return of every original multiplayer map from Modern Warfare II in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is an exciting development for fans of the series. This is one of the many reasons why gamers continue to enjoy the Xbox experience.

The Halo 3 Xbox Experience

For some, the choice to purchase an Xbox came from the desire to play Halo 3. This game continues to be a popular choice among Xbox users.

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