Ubisoft's Latest Game Postponed Due to Console Quality Issues

Ubisoft's Latest Game Postponed Due to Console Quality Issues

Ubisoft's Delayed Release of the Anticipated XDefiant

Ubisoft's forthcoming first-person online shooter, XDefiant has been a much-anticipated release for gamers. Resembling the famed Call of Duty, the game has been subject to a delay and the reason is now known. The free-to-play FPS, unfortunately, didn't clear an essential first-party certification test in August, causing a delay in the launch.

Initial Announcement and Gameplay

Unveiled in 2021, the game, initially announced as Tom Clancy's XDefiant, is a fusion of various iconic Ubisoft franchises like Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry, creating a unique shared-universe online shooter. After a few hours of playing the game's beta earlier this year, the fast and responsive combat, reminiscent of the Xbox 360 era of Call of Duty, left us eager for more. However, after the test, XDefiant failed a crucial regulatory step in the process of being launched on consoles, leaving Ubisoft unable to provide a release date for the online FPS.

Failed Test and Transparency

Ubisoft's Executive Game Director Mark Rubin announced the failed test on September 11 in a surprisingly candid blog post. He explained that games are not simply released onto consoles without rigorous checks. Companies like Sony and Microsoft ensure every game released for their consoles function correctly and don't cause any issues. Contrary to popular belief, these certification and compliance checks do not assess the game's performance or bugs but ensure it adheres to the platform's rules, doesn't harm your console, and is compatible with each vendor's various built-in features.

What's Next for XDefiant?

According to Rubin, Ubisoft initiated the certification process at the end of July, receiving the results in August, wherein XDefiant didn't pass. Rubin highlighted that they had underestimated the amount of compliance-related work and had been working on those issues since then. He expects the game to be resubmitted for certification in about two weeks. If the build passes the certification without issues, XDefiant could possibly be released in September. However, Rubin clarified that this might not happen, and the game might need a day-one patch to comply with the console makers, pushing back the game's final release date into October.

Transparency: A Design or a Necessity?

So why are Ubisoft and Rubin being candid about what is often kept confidential? XDefiant isn't unique in failing the "cert" and having to be resubmitted; many games undergo the same process. Rubin explains that this transparency is intentional, as he believes it is essential to keep the gamers informed about the process.

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