Hasan Piker, Twitch Celeb, Garners Massive Funds for Palestine

Hasan Piker, Twitch Celeb, Garners Massive Funds for Palestine

Content Overview :
  • Twitch streamer Hasanabi's advocacy for workers and disenfranchised communities
  • Hasanabi's fundraising efforts for Palestinian children and refugees
  • Impact of Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Use of Twitch as an advocacy platform by Hasanabi
  • Community response to Hasanabi's fundraising efforts

Hasanabi: Twitch Star and Advocate for Workers and Disenfranchised Communities

Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker is no stranger to criticism. Many detractors argue a contradiction exists between his personal wealth and his ongoing support for workers and marginalized communities. However, Piker consistently backs up his words with action.

Hasanabi's Recent Fundraising Efforts for Palestinian Children and Refugees

Recently, Piker and his Twitch community have taken their advocacy efforts to the next level. They've raised over $840,000 to support Palestinian children and refugees suffering due to Israel's airstrikes and military operations in Gaza. Piker himself has contributed at least $75,000 to the total.

Sharing the Impact of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As reported by ABC News, Israeli officials have stated that over 1,400 people have been killed and more than 3,400 injured following a surprise attack by Hamas on October 7. The BBC adds that Israel's retaliation, including air raids that have devastated much of Gaza, has resulted in the death of approximately 3,000 Palestinian individuals. With the region's electricity and water supply largely cut off, hospitals are overwhelmed with thousands of displaced Palestinians urgently requiring medical assistance.

Using Twitch as a Platform for Advocacy

While Twitch is primarily known as a platform for video game streaming, Piker is leveraging his position as one of the most-watched streamers on the platform to share his perspective on the conflict and raise funds for Palestinians affected by it.

Hasanabi's Fundraising Campaign for Palestinian Relief

On October 14, Piker announced a fundraising campaign to support various organizations providing aid to Palestinians, including The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, American Near East Refugee Aid, Medical Aid for Palestinians, and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Just 40 minutes into his stream, which typically lasts eight hours, Piker and his community had already raised $180,000. By October 16, the total had surpassed $700,000, with Piker himself matching his viewers’ contributions to the tune of $75,000.

Community Response to Hasanabi's Fundraising Efforts

“We closed out the day at $488K,” Piker shared on his official Twitter account after the October 14 stream. “I am so proud of this community!” The campaign continues on Piker's Twitch channel, and as of this writing, over $845,000 has been raised.

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