"Twitch Star Only Up! Pulled from Steam for Developer's Well-being"

Twitch Star Only Up! Pulled from Steam for Developer's Well-being

The Rise and Fall of Indie Hit 'Only Up!'

An indie platformer, 'Only Up!', that took the gaming world by storm over the summer has now been removed from the Steam digital store. The game's developer cites a need for a break and a chance to learn from mistakes made during the production and release of the game.

Success on Twitch and Steam

'Only Up!' found success on both Steam and Twitch, with the game becoming a hit among Twitch viewers. Despite some controversy, the game's developer has decided to remove the game from the Steam store, seemingly for good.

Sharing the News

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The Developer's Struggles

In a recent update, the developer, Indiesolodev, revealed that the game has caused a great deal of stress over the months. They now wish to put the game behind them and concentrate on personal healing and their next project.

Game's Popularity and Backlash

Released in May, 'Only Up!' saw a surge in popularity in June with over 10,000 concurrent players and 90,000 Twitch viewers. The game received mixed reviews, with some praising its unique 3D platforming experience, while others criticized its glitchy physics and apparent asset flips.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite being popular among Twitch streamers, 'Only Up!' faced criticism and controversy. The game was briefly removed from Steam after accusations of copyright infringement. There were also rumors of the game being loosely affiliated with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Developer's Future Plans

Indiesolodev has expressed a desire for peace and healing. They plan to further their education in game design and use their new experiences and knowledge for their next project. The upcoming project, currently titled "Kith", promises to be completely different from 'Only Up!', focusing more on cinematography.

Fans React to the Game's Disappearance

The sudden removal of 'Only Up!' from the Steam store has left some fans disappointed. While some questioned why the game wasn't made free, others congratulated the developer on creating a viral game from scratch.

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