"Starfield's Xbox-Only Release Enhances Game, Says Todd Howard"

Starfield's Xbox-Only Release Enhances Game, Says Todd Howard

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Starfield, Bethesda’s latest and grandest open-world RPG, is now available to all - provided you own an Xbox or a gaming PC. The game's director, Todd Howard, suggests that its absence from PlayStation is actually beneficial, making Starfield “a more superior product.”

A Shoutout to PS Plus for Expanding My Game Collection

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Upcoming Games Beyond Starfield

After prolonged anticipation and a week-long early access for players who purchased the premium special editions, Starfield has finally been released to the public. Gamers are already speedrunning and modding it, exploring its plethora of worlds, space stations, and quests. It’s a thrilling time for Bethesda RPG enthusiasts - unless, of course, you don’t own an Xbox or a high-end PC. Bethesda has previously issued an “apology” for Starfield bypassing PlayStation due to Microsoft’s acquisition of the company. However, Howard is now reemphasizing that skipping one of the world's most popular consoles has ultimately resulted in a better game.

Todd Howard Talks About Starfield in a Recent BBC Interview

In a recent interview with the BBC, Todd Howard spoke about the just-launched Starfield and the immense work the team invested in creating the gigantic game. There were moments when he and the rest of the team at Bethesda pondered, “Are we biting off more than we can chew?” However, one factor that helped manage the chaos of game development was the exclusivity of Starfield to Xbox. “When you're creating something exclusive, your focus sharpens,” Howard explained.

Starfield's Performance on Xbox

Preliminary technical reviews of Starfield on Xbox seem to indicate that the game is the most stable console launch in Bethesda's history. My experience with Starfield on Xbox Series X and S has been mainly trouble-free, with only a couple of crashes in over 40 hours of gameplay.

Starfield's Xbox-Exclusive Status Leaves Some Players Out

While it's great that Starfield performs well on Xbox, its exclusivity means that many won't get to experience Bethesda's newest RPG. Howard expresses that he wishes for more people to play the game, but believes that being “with Xbox” gets the game on Game Pass and exposes it to more players than ever before. Howard also suggests that Starfield might become like The Legend of Zelda, forever associated with its console platform in the minds of gamers.

Game Brands and Console Platforms

“I also believe that people link certain games with specific brands,” Howard said. “When you think of Zelda you think of the Switch, and I believe there are times when that can be a real advantage.” Not an advantage for PS5 owners, but definitely an advantage for someone.

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