"Discover These 14 Tips Before You Begin Baldur's Gate 3"

Discover These 14 Tips Before You Begin Baldur's Gate 3

An In-Depth Look at Shep in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the dense world of Baldur’s Gate 3, our character Shep is seen with a look of concern, peering at something off-screen. This continuation of the beloved RPG series is brimming with complexities that can be daunting for newcomers, particularly those unfamiliar with the Dungeons & Dragons universe or CRPGs. But worry not, brave explorer! We, at Streamers Visuals, have assembled a list of tips to guide you through the intricate world of Faerûn and rid your character of the revolting mind flayer tadpole. While this information is particularly applicable to PC players, we've also included some updated advice for those playing on the recently launched PlayStation 5.

Experience the Character Creation of Baldur’s Gate 3

Take a journey with us through the character creator of Baldur’s Gate 3. Watch and share our 11-minute video on Facebook, Twitter, email, Reddit, or simply grab the link. This video is especially fun for those who are excited about the game's Collector's Edition that honors the connection between D&D and gaming. Plus, get a glimpse of the exciting game releases beyond Baldur’s Gate 3.

Important Notice for Early Access Players

Larian Studios, the game's creator, has publicly advised anyone who played the early access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 to delete their old saves. This will prevent any potential conflicts within the game’s backend while playing the full game. A sneak peek into our experience: during the review period, our game couldn't save any progress. This issue was only resolved after deleting every save from the early access period. So, if you've played the early access version of the game, delete all those saves immediately. If you're reading this during your game installation, locate those files and delete them.

How to Delete Your Early Access Save Files

The process might differ based on your PC’s configuration, but generally, you will need to open your File Explorer and type %AppData% into the address bar. From there, click on AppData in the search bar and go to Local. Scroll down until you find Larian Studios and delete the entire Baldur’s Gate 3 folder. This action will not only remove the saves from your hard drive but also let you start fresh when you install the new game, thereby avoiding any conflicts within the backend.

What to Do When You're Stuck in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn't spoon-feed you solutions, which can sometimes make quests seem a bit obscure. It's easy to hit a roadblock and feel like your journal isn't providing clear next steps. Early frustrations may make you feel like you've lost momentum because you can't find a solution. However, Baldur’s Gate 3 encourages you to break away from the rigidity of RPG quests. Sometimes, the best way to progress is to simply shift your focus to another quest instead of obsessing over one issue.

This approach is beneficial as it prevents you from getting stuck on a single quest, allowing you to find solutions or additional context for other quests. This could involve discovering a new task within a specific area or gaining new insights about one of your party members while you're exploring another part of the world.

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