Excitement for Nintendo's Switch 2 Builds as Old Trailer Vanishes

Excitement for Nintendo's Switch 2 Builds as Old Trailer Vanishes

Content Overview :
  • Nintendo Switch's original trailer made private
  • Update on Mario Strikers and new game releases
  • Speculations on Nintendo Switch 2
  • Impact and significance of original Switch reveal
  • Anticipations for the future of Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Story

On October 20, 2016, gaming enthusiasts worldwide were treated to the first glimpse of the Nintendo Switch through a captivating three-minute trailer on YouTube. Fast-forward seven years, Nintendo has made the video private, sparking a surge of excitement among the fans who are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the much-anticipated Switch 2.

However, this move has also erased a significant piece of gaming history.

What's New in Mario Strikers?

For fans of Mario Strikers, there's a big, free update that you should know about. It's worth checking out and sharing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Exciting New Game Releases

Aside from the Mario Strikers update, there are a couple of stylish and exciting games making their debut. These include a noir-punk side-scroller reminiscent of Celeste but with guns, and the new Pokémon Scarlet And Violet trailer featuring hot professors, 4-player co-op, and the hero we all deserve, Lechonk.

Speculations on the Nintendo Switch 2

The gaming community is buzzing with speculations about the possible reveal of the Switch 2, following the disappearance of the original Switch trailer. However, Nintendo has repeatedly stated that it won't be discussing any new hardware until the start of its next fiscal year in April 2024.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has two big games slated for release this year: Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG Remake. Nintendo is known for its strategy of not overshadowing one product with the surprise announcement of another.

Memories of the Original 2016 Switch Reveal

The original 2016 Switch reveal stands out for several reasons. Unlike the Wii U, which had a grand unveiling at E3 2011, Nintendo relied on a single YouTube trailer to generate buzz for its successor. The video showcased the device's capabilities in a real-world setting, with people playing both solo and in groups.

The video emphasized the Switch's portability and sociability features and has since garnered over 50 million views.

Why Remove the Original Switch Trailer?

So, why did Nintendo suddenly remove the original trailer? Is it because they want to clear the way for the Switch 2? Or did they choose not to renew the licensing rights for the song used in the trailer?

The Switch's Impact on Nintendo

The Switch has been a game-changer for Nintendo, propelling it back into the competition as a leading gaming platform, known for its exclusive games, convenience, affordability, and fun. The Switch's reveal wasn’t just an ad; it was a significant part of the company’s legacy and the gaming industry's history.

The Future of Nintendo

As for the Switch 2, it seems clear that Nintendo is gearing up for the reveal. There have been multiple reports of Switch 2 developer kits at Gamescom, indicating that the next big thing from Nintendo is on the horizon.

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