Experience the Gratifying Depth of Starfield's Photo Mode

Experience the Gratifying Depth of Starfield's Photo Mode

A Love For Photography Blooms In The Cosmic Frontier Of Starfield

Being a photographer's daughter, my fascination with the art of photography blossomed at a tender age. Despite an inspiring stint with film photography during my college days and having the best photography gear at my disposal, I seldom get the chance to pursue my passion. But the game Starfield, with its majestic space vistas and stoic planets, seems to be feeding my dormant love for creating a perfect shot, a feature I've rarely used in other games.

Sharing The Game Experience

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Starfield's Unique Photo Mode

Photo modes are becoming a common feature in AAA games, either included at launch or as part of an update later. No two games offer the same photo mode experience. While I feel Starfield's specific treatment could use some improvements, I've found myself increasingly drawn to capturing photo mode snaps while playing this game. I believe the long moments of silence and exploration that the game provides contribute to this interest.

A Unique Gaming Experience In Starfield

Starfield manages to feel both expansive and intimate compared to other Bethesda games. Unlike previous games where key towns and settlements were within relative walking distance, Starfield's gameplay mostly involves planet surface exploration. Civilian outposts and other random structures can be found, but they pale in comparison to the scale of its major cities, like New Atlantis or Neon.

Starfield's Realistic Environments

Starfield's photorealistic environments provide a stark contrast to the somewhat cartoony graphics of No Man’s Sky. While No Man’s Sky is visually stunning, it rarely inspires me to photograph a mountain, rock formation, landscape, or even starship encounter. Thankfully, Starfield saves your images as lossless .PNGs, adding to the appeal of its photo mode.

Immersive Gameplay In Starfield

Adding to the immersive experience, Starfield displays your screenshots during loading screens, making my efforts feel more integrated into the game. Even when I shift from capturing images to other game activities, it’s always delightful to spot the highlights from my photo collection on loading screens.

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