PC Mod for Starfield Significantly Enhances Item Organization

PC Mod for Starfield Significantly Enhances Item Organization

Welcome to the Age of Starfield Mods

With the launch of Starfield on September 6, the gaming world has fully stepped into the era of innovative Starfield mods. Notably, one such mod that has been doing rounds is a contentious one integrating Nvidia rendering technology into the game. Another recently launched PC mod addresses a frequently voiced complaint – the inventory user interface.

Improving Player Interactions with Starfield's Inventory

Starfield, in line with previous creations from Bethesda Game Studios, offers a plethora of items to collect, use, or sell. It's not unusual to find your inventory overflowing with weapons, food, crafting resources, and various other items. By default, Starfield categorizes all items into broad groups. For instance, all guns and melee weapons fall under "Weapons," with no separate categories for "shotguns" or "pistols." Furthermore, there's no option to sort your inventory by value, weight, or available ammo for firearms. This is where the StarUI Inventory from Nexus Mods user m8r98a4f2 comes in, significantly enhancing the options for sorting and understanding your probably over-encumbered inventory.

Transforming the User Interface

The UI overhaul, StarUI Inventory, introduces some noticeable changes. One of the immediate changes you'll observe is an item count and the total mass of that category on the right side of each category. This feature is incredibly useful when you're tired of being over-encumbered and unsure which items are causing the problem.

Enhanced Inventory Management with StarUI Inventory

StarUI also brings a spreadsheet-style layout to your inventory, allowing you to quickly click on columns to sort items by their mass, value, and for weapons, ammo, and damage output. This feature is particularly helpful, as running out of ammo is a common occurrence in Starfield, and searching through the menu to figure out which of your guns can continue firing definitely slows down the pace of the game.

Additional Features of the StarUI Mod

The StarUI mod also includes a few other convenient features, such as the ability to return directly to your gameplay from the inventory screen. You can also bulk-sell to vendors based on categories of items, making transactions faster. Detailed installation instructions can be found on StarUI’s Nexus Mods page.

Join the Discussion

Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing your views on these new developments in the Starfield gaming experience.

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