Early Feedback Urges 'Sonic Superstars' to Speed Up Gameplay

Early Feedback Urges 'Sonic Superstars' to Speed Up Gameplay

SegaSonic Superstars: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Embarking on a nostalgic adventure, game developers Sega have revisited the roots of the iconic Sonic franchise. The journey takes us back to the birth of Sonic in 1991, set in the vibrant 2D tropics. Following in the footsteps of the retro-inspired Sonic Mania released in 2017, Superstars faithfully retraces the early adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequels from the early '90s. What sets Superstars apart, though, is its status as the inaugural side-scroller developed in collaboration with the original Sonic Team since Sonic 3 & Knuckles in 1994 (excluding the 2022 remastered compilation Sonic Origins). This fact alone may be enough to pique the interest of die-hard fans of the chili dog-loving hedgehog. However, initial reviews of the game, scheduled for release on October 16, suggest that Superstars may have its work cut out for it in terms of innovation.

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Sonic Superstars: A Satisfying Nostalgic Experience

A review earlier this year from Streamers Visuals writer Kenneth Shepard found that Superstars "successfully captures the essence of a 2D Sonic while breaking free from an over-dependence on the past; it doesn't have to replicate the exact assets or levels to make an impact". Other reviewers share a similar sentiment. Push Square praised the game for feeling "great to play, with the characters behaving just as expected. The incorporation of 3D models and vibrant, attractive environments gives it a refreshing look". VGC also lauded Superstars for its "dream-like" graphics and "authentic soundtrack" composed by Sega's Jun Senoue.

Embracing the Past While Looking Forward

While the game's nostalgic appeal is undoubtedly strong, some reviewers believe Superstars could benefit from a few improvements. IGN's Jada Griffin loves the game's “charming” main game modes, including a three-story campaign, an eight-player battle mode, and a timed attack. She notes, however, that the game could do better in terms of hazard and enemy placement. Griffin also commented on the speed of the game, stating that it did not live up to the Sonic standards she had grown accustomed to. On a brighter note, she highlighted the straightforward process of collecting the power-giving Chaos Emeralds and the new character skills that replenish at checkpoints.

Replay Value and Co-op Gameplay

Despite its shortcomings, Push Square believes the game offers "a fair amount of replay value" thanks to its large, co-op friendly stages and character abilities. Sonic retains his signature moves along with the relatively new drop dash, while Tails can fly, Knuckles can glide and climb walls, and Amy can double jump and attack with her hammer. VG247 notes, however, that while "Superstars attempts to provide a balanced co-op experience where all players share the spotlight", there are still improvements to be made.

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