"Surviving the Rough Patches in this Persona-Inspired Dating Sim Pays Off"

Surviving the Rough Patches in this Persona-Inspired Dating Sim Pays Off

Spotlight on Eternights: A Unique Blend of Hack-and-Slash and Dating Sim

Hovering above our magnificent planet, a snapshot from Studio Sai captures the essence of their unique video game, Eternights. A blend of hack-and-slash action and dating sim, Eternights proudly exhibits its admiration for the Persona series. After my initial encounter with the game during this year's Summer Game Fest, my first impressions were mixed. The combat system felt somewhat weak and the characters appeared to lack originality. However, I was intrigued to see if the game could reach the depth and complexity of its inspirations in its final form.

Having played the completed version, it's clear that Eternights has lofty ambitions but falls slightly short of the towering standards set by Persona. Despite this, the game takes bold strides towards creating a deep, emotionally charged climax. Its only downfall seems to be the minor details that obstruct its path to greatness.

A Peek into the World of Eternights

The plot of Eternights is set amidst a supernatural apocalypse where a group of teens struggle to survive as the anti-aging drug Eternight turns its users into zombie-like monstrosities. The protagonist, a rather typical, anonymous, melancholic young man is chosen by a deity to serve as her champion in the ensuing chaos. However, the real appeal of the game lies in dating the other survivors, each imbued with their own set of superpowers. Despite some writing flaws, Eternights deserves praise for its captivating cast of characters.

Dealing with Apocalyptic Teen Drama

Even with the backdrop of a superpowered battle against an apocalypse, the characters of Eternights grapple with relatable teenage issues - just with the stakes dialed up. Yuna, a teen idol, struggles with her social influence amidst the turmoil; Min grapples with guilt over her track team's demise; Sia, the group's tech genius, tries to make sense of the world's chaos. Yohan, the game's lone male love interest, adds a layer of mystery that unfolds as the game progresses. While the character arcs are engaging, the everyday dialogue and interactions could use some improvement.

Preemptive Thoughts on Eternights

Despite the occasional eye-rolling dialogue, I found myself immersed in each character's journey. From comforting Yuna amidst a monster-infested site to allowing Sia to conduct experiments to understand our powers, the game's relationship dynamics and emotional beats shine through. However, the game does occasionally undermine the emotional investment with scenes that diverge from player choices.

Eternights often falls back on predictable fan-service tropes, typically instigated by Chani, the protagonist's overly flirtatious best friend. One such scene unfolds mid-air during a freefall sequence. Despite these minor setbacks, Eternights remains an intriguing blend of action and dating sim elements.

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