Amid Mass Job Cuts, Persona 5 Maker Boosts Employee Pay

Amid Mass Job Cuts, Persona 5 Maker Boosts Employee Pay

Content Overview :
  • Atlus boosts Japanese staff salaries by 15%.
  • Introduction video for Persona 5 Tactica.
  • Upcoming games beyond Exoprimal and Octopath Dreamland Deluxe.
  • Atlus plans major revision to compensation structure.
  • Comparison of game developer salaries in Japan and U.S.

Atlus Boosts Staff Salaries in Japan

Contrary to the current trend in the U.S. labor market and specifically in the gaming industry, Atlus, the developer-publisher, is reportedly increasing the annual salaries of its Japanese staff by 15 percent.

Video: Getting Started with Persona 5 Tactica

Check out this informative video to learn 6 essential things before starting Persona 5 Tactica.

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Upcoming Games

Find out about the games releasing beyond Exoprimal in July 2023 and Octopath Dreamland Deluxe in February 2023.

Buy Persona 5 Tactica

You can purchase Persona 5 Tactica online from Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

Atlus Increases Staff Salaries

Atlus plans to raise the base salary of new university graduates from 257,000 yen to 300,000 yen ($1,981 USD) and increase the annual salaries of all employees by 15 percent in April 2024. This move aims to attract global talent and retain current staff by creating a stable income environment.

Performance Bonuses

Atlus will also start paying performance bonuses funded by worldwide profits from fiscal 2021. With the global recognition of its games such as Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Persona 5, Atlus plans a major revision to its compensation structure to boost game development and sales performance.

Challenges in the Gaming Industry

Unlike Atlus, many other developers have faced layoffs and studio closures due to economic challenges. It's worth noting that employee satisfaction leads to increased productivity.

Game Developer Salaries in Japan

Game developer salaries in Japan are considerably lower than in the U.S. The average salary for a Japanese game developer is approximately 5,230,356 yen, which is almost $35,000 USD. This is about $55,000 USD less than the average developer salary in the U.S.

Atlus' Response

Streamers Visuals has reached out to Atlus for comment.

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