New Update for Palworld Rectifies Issues with Effigies and Grenades

New Update for Palworld Rectifies Issues with Effigies and Grenades

Content Overview :
  • Palworld game's latest updates address bugs and improve gameplay on Xbox and Steam.
  • Noteworthy fixes include resolution of issues with Lifmunk Effigies and save data corruption.
  • Issues with weapons vanishing during multiplayer sessions have been fixed.
  • Improvements made to base operations including Pals' sleep mode and wood drops.
  • New update includes countermeasures against cheats and exploits with a reporting feature.

Latest Updates on Palworld Game

Screenshot: PocketpairPalworld, the popular survival and animal-catching game, is still being refined in Early Access. While some hitches are inevitable, the game's developer, Pocketpair, has been proactive in addressing several of the game's major bugs, including issues with the respec item that were troubling players. The latest patch carries on with this trend, introducing a host of new, welcome fixes to the game on both Xbox and Steam platforms.

Recent Fixes and Improvements

Among the most noteworthy fixes is the resolution of issues with Lifmunk Effigies, which are meant to boost your Pal capture rate. You can now count on these little green statues to enhance your capture rates properly. Previously, a bug caused them to sometimes have the opposite of their intended effect.

Another major update concerns the game's save data. Prior to the patch, players were at a high risk of experiencing a corrupted save file if they captured a certain number of Pals. However, this issue has been addressed in the latest patch notes. This means that your game will no longer crash and your save data will not be corrupted when your guild captures around 7000 Pals.

Additionally, if you had encountered issues with your weapons vanishing when using a grenade during multiplayer sessions, you'll be pleased to know that this has been fixed. Feel free to unleash your grenades just like Solid Snake taking on a tank.

Improvements to Your Base

There's also good news for players after combat. Your base is expected to run more smoothly now, thanks to the latest updates.

One issue that had been affecting players was the perpetual sleep mode of Pals assigned to breeding farms. While it might sound like a dream come true, it's not very helpful when you're trying to optimize your labor force. This issue has now been addressed in the latest patch notes.

Furthermore, the latest patch guarantees regular wood drops from trees cut down by Pals. This means you won't have to work for nothing anymore.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

Finally, the new update brings with it several countermeasures against cheats and exploits. If you encounter any new bugs or issues, you can manually report them by clicking on the "Report Bugs and Issues" option in the main menu or by using the form on Pocketpair's site.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Palworld and experience these exciting new updates for yourself!

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