New DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator Introduces Dune Buggies

New DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator Introduces Dune Buggies

Microsoft Flight Simulator Welcomes Dune Buggy Experience with New DLC

In a thrilling twist to the virtual aviation world, Microsoft Flight Simulator, renowned for its strikingly realistic aeroplane flight simulation, has recently added an exciting feature. Ever fancied hitting some impressive hills or ramps while flying over them? A new DLC from a third-party developer now allows you to do just that.

An Unforgettable Comeback for an Iconic Game

Microsoft Flight Simulator made its much-anticipated return in 2020 after over a decade's hiatus. The game's release in the midst of the early pandemic days provided a much-needed respite for many, offering a safe way to tour a virtual replica of the globe in an array of aircraft. There have since been several paid third-party DLCs developed for the game, introducing new planes and features. However, not all DLCs are centered around aircraft.

Introducing Juice Goose UTV: A New Flight Sim DLC

The latest DLC, Juice Goose UTV, breathes new life into Flight Sim, introducing a meticulously detailed electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle. This cool dune buggy allows players to explore the expansive open world of Flight Simulator from ground level.

More Than Just A Mod

This isn't merely a hastily developed mod that throws a car model into the game. The buggy, as per the official website of the DLC, is available in three motor variants, each promising unique driving experiences. It also offers 13 liveries, optional accessories, realistic suspension, simulated tire friction, cruise control, lighting options, a built-in radio and is designed to be fully drivable using a standard Xbox controller.

Experience Crossplay with Airplanes

An added bonus is the DLC's support for crossplay with airplanes. This means you and your friends can have a blast jumping cars over planes or racing various aircraft and buggies. For those desiring an extra thrill, a custom pack is available for download, featuring a virtual playground complete with ramps and other obstacles to test the new vehicle.

Availability and Purchase Details

The developers have assured that the Juice Goose will soon be available for purchase on the official Flight Sim marketplace for PC and Xbox. The DLC is priced at $15. Players who can't wait for the marketplace release can purchase it directly from the studio's official website and install it themselves.

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