"Try Managing Twitter in this Exciting New Game - Wish You Luck!"

Try Managing Twitter in this Exciting New Game - Wish You Luck!

Content Overview :
  • Challenges of moderating large social media platforms
  • Top 10 Most-Played Games on Steam Deck: August 2023
  • Trust & Safety Tycoon: a game simulating social media moderation
  • Gameplay experience and challenges in Trust & Safety Tycoon
  • Real-life parallels in social media moderation reflected in the game

Challenges of Moderating Social Media Platforms

Massive social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pose significant challenges when it comes to control, moderation, and profitability. Balancing user safety, privacy, ad revenue, employee mental health, and more is a complex task. However, a new free web game gives you the chance to experience these challenges first-hand by putting you in charge of running a Trust and Safety Team for a Twitter-like platform.

Top 10 Most-Played Games On Steam Deck: August 2023 Edition

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Trust & Safety Tycoon: A Simulation of Social Media Moderation

Created by Techdirt, Trust & Safety Tycoon is a game that simulates the challenges of moderating a social media platform. The game tasks you with keeping a Twitter-like platform—named Yapper—free from spam, harassment, misinformation, and conspiracies. Playing the game will give you a taste of what it's like to manage a social media platform in the face of various challenges.

Gameplay Experience and Challenges

In the game, you need to balance protecting users and their privacy with generating sufficient ad revenue. You may find yourself making tough decisions, such as removing popular content to attract advertisers. Legal battles and public relations issues also play a part in the game, adding to the challenges you face as you try to keep the platform safe and profitable.

Trust & Safety Tycoon: A Mirror to Real-Life Challenges

What makes Trust & Safety Tycoon engaging (and somewhat disheartening) is its reflection of real-life challenges. The best choice is often the most difficult and costly. For instance, you could hire more personnel to scrutinize every bot account, but this would consume resources that could be used for features like block lists or community moderation tools. The game also includes scenarios where you are questioned about your decisions, further adding to the realism of the game.

Real-Life Parallels in Social Media Moderation

In one scenario, you must decide whether to ban a popular comedian who made an inappropriate joke about a politician. This situation highlights the dilemmas faced by real-life social media moderators, as it brings into focus the influence of personal opinions and relationships on moderation decisions. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon in the world of social media, where powerful individuals often influence moderation policies based on their personal views.

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