Lunatic Transforms Favorite GTA Aspect into a Roguelike Game

Lunatic Transforms Favorite GTA Aspect into a Roguelike Game

Content Overview :
  • Maniac, a new game on Steam, revives the classic Grand Theft Auto III experience.
  • Designed for speedrunners, players cause mayhem and survive in a randomly generated city.
  • Accumulated cash can be used for character upgrades and abilities.
  • The game features a fun, cartoonish, and over-the-top style.
  • Emphasizes on zany and super silly action for a fun gaming experience.

Reviving the Classic Grand Theft Auto III Experience

Maniac, a new game available on Steam, transports players back to the unconventional ways of playing the classic game, Grand Theft Auto III. Instead of following the set missions, players would often use cheat codes to spawn guns, cars, and then save the game. The challenge was then to outlast the police for as long as possible in a chaotic spree of carjacking and mayhem.

Maniac recreates this unique gaming experience, offering a game dedicated to this rogue-like round-robin style of play.

A New Game Built for Speedrunners

Maniac has been described as a lovechild of Grand Theft Auto and Vampire Survivors. The game thrusts players into a randomly generated city teeming with civilians, police, weapons, and all the other elements you would typically find in a Grand Theft Auto game.

The goal is to cause mayhem, gather money, and survive for 20 minutes before the city is nuked. It's a challenging feat, given the aggressive law enforcement that is ready to kill dozens just to take you out.

Upgrades and Abilities

When you eventually meet your demise (and you will), you can use your accumulated cash to upgrade various abilities. You can make your character harder to kill, quicker, more dangerous, or even more proficient at stealing cars.

There's even an upgrade that recruits random NPCs to your cause, turning them into allies that will join your rampage against the police and civilians.

A Fun and Unrealistic Approach

Maniac doesn't aim to be realistic. Instead, it takes a fun, cartoonish approach, reminiscent of the old top-down Grand Theft Auto games. This style makes the violent action feel distant and less realistic.

Everything in the game is over-the-top and silly, from mafia guys wandering around in groups to baby carriages spewing out cash when run over. The game even starts you off as a tipsy Santa Claus lookalike.

Embracing the Zany

Maniac understands that the key to making this game enjoyable is to embrace the silliness. The violent, criminal action is zany and super silly, making the game a fun experience rather than a grim and realistic one.

Like Vampire Survivors or Deep Rock Galactic, Maniac is all about having a good time and embracing the chaos.

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