Quick Guide: Mastering Starfield's Flight Skills for Any Ship

Quick Guide: Mastering Starfield's Flight Skills for Any Ship

Space Battles and Skill Progression in Starfield

Picture this: a spaceship from Starfield obliterating another vessel in a thrilling space dogfight. If you're a newcomer to Starfield, it's likely you'll encounter a ship that's beyond your capacity to command. This could be due to the ship being of a higher class than your current skill level permits, or the ship could have components that you're unable to utilize due to insufficient training. Perhaps you're simply finding the flight mechanics challenging to master. Piloting in the early stages of Starfield can be quite the test, but the game provides a solution to brush up on your skills and level up your piloting prowess swiftly.

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Master the Art of Piloting with Bethesda Game Studios' Spacefaring RPG

Bethesda Game Studios offers an RPG that allows you to use a pilot simulator as much as you desire. Once you join the UC Vanguard faction, you'll have the opportunity to access this simulation during the game's second main quest, The Old Neighborhood. This involves stepping into the cockpit of a virtual spaceship to complete training objectives, proving to the space police that you're capable of flying and fighting. The training is simple: annihilate six waves of ships, with each tier escalating in challenge and quantity. This is a virtual setting, so you can't die, and any ships you destroy will contribute towards the progression of your piloting skills.

Level Up With Starfield's Pilot Simulator

For instance, if you're aiming to enhance your general Piloting skill, which is located in the first row of the Tech skill tree, you'll have to first take down five ships, followed by 15, then 30, and finally 50 to master Piloting. This will boost your ship's agility and allow you to command higher-class vessels.

Alternatively, you may be striving to advance your Shield Systems, positioned in the second row of the Tech skill tree. To master this skill, thus giving your ship more shields and occasionally resisting damage, you'll have to absorb 150 shield damage while in combat, then 350, 750, and ultimately 1,000.

Or perhaps you're more interested in a specific weapon type, such as Ballistics or Energy, both of which are Tech skills in the first and second row respectively. To level up these skills, just deal a certain amount of damage with that weapon type and you'll not only deal more damage with each subsequent rank, but that weapon type will also recharge faster in combat.

Gameplay Tips With Streamers Visuals

This is an excellent strategy to gain some levels in the early game and expand your Tech skill tree, particularly if you're keen on constructing and customizing your ships. Within that skill tree is the Starship Design attribute, which is necessary if you aim to install superior components onto your ship. Happy gaming, pilots!

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